Testing the luxury e-scooter Egret X: Robust, comfortable, fast & strong The Egret X looks well thought-out down to the last detail. It also has a powerful engine, extra-large pneumatic tires and hydraulic disc brakes. We tested him. 4:05 p.m. tech stage

testing the luxury e scooter egret x robust comfortable fast.jpeg
testing the luxury e scooter egret x robust comfortable fast.jpeg

The Egret X looks well thought out down to the last detail. It also has a powerful engine, extra-large pneumatic tires and hydraulic disc brakes. Our test report shows whether the e-scooter is worth its high price.

Egret makes good e-scooters. They have already shown that with the 2020 Egret Ten V4 (test report) and the 2022 Egret Pro (test report) . The Egret X goes a step further here. Both in terms of its features and price. You can see immediately that it is a very special e-scooter. Because pneumatic tires with a diameter of 12.5 inches (approx. 32 centimeters) are rare, most tires on other e-scooters have a maximum of 10 inches (approx. 25 centimeters). The models with smaller tires also find their suitable area of ​​application. We show all information about e-scooters and a list of the very best in our list of the best e-scooters .

The Egret X looks massive and puristic. This is also due to its stable frame. The handlebar is thick and not adjustable in height. In the lower area, two tubes go off the side of the handlebar and lead to the rear wheel. They hold the footboard and battery and give the Egret X stability. The mudguards are sufficiently wide and reliably protect the driver from spray water.

Overall, the processing is of high quality. Nothing wobbles or looks out of place. The Egret X largely dispenses with color accents. There is a hook on the handlebar to hang small shopping bags on it. The cable routing is well solved, nothing protrudes unnecessarily. There is no blinker. If you want, you can retrofit them cheaply. Find out more in our guide to accessories for e-scooters .

Egret X barrier system 

The Egret X comes with a metal ring secured with a padlock. This is large enough to secure the e-scooter with normal bicycle locks. A clever and practical feature that we have already seen on the Egret Pro (test report) . Nice detail: a small metal e-scooter hangs on the key ring, the handlebars of which can even be folded.

The folding mechanism on the Egret X is simple. The steering rod, which can be folded down using a safety lever, hooks into a foldable device on the rear fender. The handles cannot be put on. When folded, the dimensions of the 21 kg e-scooter are reduced from 128 x 118 x 62 cm to 128 x 59 x 62 cm.

The display is similar to that of the Egret Pro (test report) , but also comes with a removable rubber frame that offers protection against scratches. The display is colored and can still be read well enough even in the sun. In addition to the speed, it shows the remaining capacity of the battery and the total kilometers driven.

When starting the Egret X for the first time, the e-scooter asks the driver to set a four-digit PIN. If desired, this can be queried each time the electric scooter is started. Awkward, but useful for some users. The corresponding app brings little added value. With the exception of the electronic engine lock, the driver can access most of the options available there by holding down the plus and minus buttons for a long time.

Egret X unpacked 

The handles are ergonomically shaped and are therefore also ideal for longer journeys. The thumb grip for motor control is smooth enough. On the left side of the handlebars is the control unit with four buttons, which also determine the three-stage support level and turn the light on and off. The front light is bright and variable in the beam angle. The rear light comes on when braking.

The Egret X does not have a bell but an electric horn. This is loud enough for drivers to hear. However, pedestrians might be startled. The IO Hawk Legend (test report) solves this better. In addition to the horn, it also comes with a bell.

The 500 watt motor with 35 newton meters and 48 volts is one of the most powerful we have seen on a legal e-scooter. However, it cannot compete with the illegal Eleglide D1 Master (test report) and its two engines. The maximum payload is 120 kilograms. Thanks to the powerful engine, even drivers with maximum weight should enjoy the acceleration of the Egret X.

The hydraulic disc brakes with 120 mm discs have an excellent grip and bring the driver to a standstill quickly. But be careful: If you press the front brake too hard at full speed, you risk locking the front wheel and thus a fall.

Egret X 

With a diameter of 12.5 inches, the pneumatic tires are a real statement. Basically, the larger the tires, the more bumps they absorb. We could already see that with the Metz Moover (test report) with its 12-inch tires. This means that driving over gravel roads and country lanes is more pleasant than with the Egret Pro (test report) . Still, we miss a suspension. Because if you rattle over dirt roads for a longer time, you will be shaken up properly despite the large tires. The suspension would also help to be able to overcome larger roots better. It happened to us during the test drive that the front tire caught on a Wurzen and forced us to jump off.

For such extreme rides, the running board is too short with a length of 50 centimeters to the rear. If it were longer, the rider could shift their weight further back, relieving the load on the front wheel to better overcome obstacles. But the lack of suspension also has advantages: the ride is more stable overall. Also, there are fewer moving parts to break.

At 672 watt hours, the battery has shrunk in comparison to the Egret Pro. The e-scooters with the thickest batteries include the IO Hawk Legend (test report) (874 watt hours), the Kugoo Kirin G3 (test report) (936 watt hours) and the Eleglide D1 Master (test report) (1056 watt hours).

According to Egret, you should be able to travel 60 kilometers with one battery charge before the e-scooter has to be connected to the mains for 4.5 hours. This range is measured under ideal conditions, in practice the value shrinks to around 45 kilometers in our case – which is still very good. More on this in the article Best battery list: These 5 e-scooters go the furthest .

The Egret X costs 1899 euros on the manufacturer’s website . At the time of the test, we couldn’t find a cheaper price from other retailers either. In the price comparison, we show the currently most popular e-scooters.

The Egret X is a really good e-scooter that hardly allows itself any weaknesses. Its oversized tires not only look impressive, they also absorb a lot of bumps. They are ideal for use in the city and occasional driving on country lanes. If you want more, you should go for an e-scooter with good suspension. The Egret X is extremely stable, which makes it suitable for everyday use. The hydraulic brakes are great and the motor on the rear wheel is extremely powerful. Small, practical extras such as the hook on the handlebars or the clever lock system sweeten its use in everyday life.

Almost the only thing you can criticize about the Egret X is its high price. For comparison: The very good Segway Ninebot G30D II Max (test report) costs 750 euros, the also really good Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 (test report) only 550 euros. Even the IO Hawk Legend (test report) with its perfect suspension comes “only” to 1550 euros. If you are interested in these and other e-scooters, you should take a look at our detailed list of the best e-scooters .