TestGPT: The new tool for programmers, to ensure the integrity of the code

Codium AI, a Tel Aviv-based company, has released a beta version of its AI-powered code integrity solution, called TestGPT. This software tool is designed to assist developers in testing their code by automatically generating software test suite hints, starting with Python and JavaScript.

Software quality issues and the importance of testing

The cost of software bugs in the United States alone was $2 trillion in 2020, leading many companies to question the quality of their software. Lack of testing and poor software design are responsible for most bugs. Bugs propagate throughout the software development lifecycle, and the cost of fixing them multiplies. Therefore, software testing is a laborious and time consuming process.

Itamar Friedman and Dedy Kredo, co-founders of Codium AI, understood these challenges firsthand. With backgrounds in software development, machine learning, and product management, they believed in the potential of artificial intelligence-based natural language (MLN) models for software test validation, and founded Codium AI in 2022.

How TestGPT facilitates the testing process

The first Codium AI tool is an IDE (integrated development environment) extension that enables an iterative process of generating tests and tuning code based on the results of those tests. This interaction with the developer helps the tool better understand the code and generate more accurate and meaningful tests, while also guiding the developer to write better code.

Developers using Codium AI can expect to catch bugs and gain valuable insight into their code, improving the quality and functionality of their software.

The TestGPT approach

TestGPT takes advantage of generative AI models, like Copilot and other generative development tools, but focuses on checking code for correctness against the desired specification, according to Friedman. This is intended to enable high code integrity so developers can develop faster.

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TestGPT embeds testing best practices into its suggestion process, and performs a series of pre- and post-processing steps to ensure high-quality results.

Availability and future

Codium is currently available as an extension for popular IDEs like VS Code and PyCharm. Coverage of more IDEs and programming languages ​​is planned, as well as support for additional features and collaborations. Codium has already been installed by thousands of users since its closed test release in January 2023, according to the company.

In the future, Codium AI plans to expand and integrate into other parts of the software development lifecycle with the goal of continuing to ensure high code integrity. This expansion is expected to include test data and test management, CI/CD integration, automatic debugging, code improvement suggestions, and enabling next-generation test-driven development.

The advent of TestGPT is a breakthrough for software development as it automates the testing process and generates meaningful and accurate tests. This can save developers time and resources, allowing them to focus on building better software. Also, by improving software quality, TestGPT can prevent costly errors and reduce the total cost of software development.

However, it’s also important to note that test automation cannot completely replace manual testing. Although TestGPT can generate accurate tests, it is still necessary for developers to manually test software for issues that may not have been covered by automated tests.

More information at codium.ai