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Tesla’s truck suffers a new delay. What’s going on?

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New jug of cold water for customers of the Tesla Semi. The long-awaited electric truck from the American motor giant is one of Elon Musk’s big bets, with permission from the Tesla Cybertruck. But we fear that this vehicle will suffer a further delay.

Yes, a few weeks ago we announced that the production of the Tesla Semi was on the right track and that it would begin to be manufactured this year in a new building next to the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada. But it seems that they have encountered a new problem.

Or this is what emerges in the latest shareholder report that Tesla has published and where they indicate that the Semi truck is going to be delayed. Guilty? The lack of battery cell components, due to problems in the supply chain.

Finally the Tesla Semi is delayed until 2022

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Teslas truck suffers a new delay Whats going on

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To say that this could have been the reason why Jerome Guillen, president of Tesla’s heavy duty truck unit, decided to leave the company in June (he was appointed president in March of this year).

As indicated in the statement that Tesla has sent to investors, “We believe that we are still on track to build our first Model Y vehicles in Berlin and Austin in 2021. The pace of the respective production ramps will be influenced by the success of the introduction. of many new products and manufacturing technologies, current supply chain challenges and regional permits. “

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Furthermore, they added that “In order to better focus on these factories, and due to the limited availability of battery cells and the challenges of the global supply chain, We have pushed the launch of the Semi Truck program to 2022. We are also advancing the industrialization of the Cybertruck, which is currently scheduled to be produced in Austin after the Model Y. “

This way, We are very much afraid that the long-awaited heavy truck of the American electric motor giant, which will boast a range of up to 800 kilometers – 950 kilometers if Elon Musk’s promise is fulfilled – depending on the model, It will take longer than we expected.

Now all we can do is be patient and wait for the company founded by Elon Musk to confirm the official launch date of the Tesla Semi. And taking into account that this heavy truck could revolutionize the transport sector by offering a clean alternative and with a notable reduction in expenses, it is clear that the companies that have opted for this vehicle will be eagerly awaiting its official arrival on the market.

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