Tesla’s robot getting closer: it is learning to navigate, feel and pick things up


At the time, Tesla claimed that its robot business would be bigger than its car business. A project that he has been working on for a long time, we had the first information in 2021. And it seems that Tesla’s humanoid robot moves faster than expected.

Or this is what emerges from the article published by New Atlas and in which they echo a Tesla shareholder meeting of 2023, and where Elon Musk showed a new video of the Optimus robot.

Optimus, Tesla’s robot, advances by leaps and bounds

In the words of Elon Musk, this product will be the main source of income for the company. And considering that the idea of ​​him is to be a skilled worker for certain tasks, as well as a helper at home, he looks really good.

From the looks of it, the manufacturer of the electric motor is working with five prototype Optimus robots built and fully operational. For this, they can walk thanks to the different components that they integrate.

Now there are at least five prototype Optimus robots built and capable of walking, using motors, controllers and electronic components, all designed and manufactured by Tesla. The general-purpose robot is learning to sense, map and navigate the world around it using systems developed for the autonomous autopilot (AutoPilot) systems in the company’s electric cars.

“As Full Self Driving approaches pervasive real-world AI, that same software is transferable to a humanoid robot,” Musk said. “Obviously, humans can walk with our arms and legs, but we can also drive a car, fly a plane, steer a boat, ride a horse. If you have a generalized understanding, a generalized AI of the real world, which is what we “They’re developing for Full Self Driving, it can be transferred to basically anything. Optimus will use the same FSD computer as the car.”

“Very few people, even in the AI ​​community, appreciate just how much AI capability Tesla has,” he added. “It’s by far the most advanced AI in the real world. There’s no one even close. Reality has the most degrees of freedom.”

In the video that accompanies these lines, we can see how this project progresses, and seeing that the Optimus robots are already capable of picking up an egg without breaking it, it looks good. Another interesting detail has to do with its ability to repeat movement patterns.

If a worker uses equipment that passes data to the robot, they can perform a given task for Tesla’s robot to replicate. And be careful, as you do it, you will improve to become the ultimate worker.

“Optimus is not a deep thinker right now,” Musk said. “Optimus is still figuring out how to do basic things. He still couldn’t cook some eggs or anything. We need Optimus to get to the point where he has reasonable agility and can do basic things. Our goal is for him to start out doing simple tasks that are boring and repetitive, or dangerous, basically jobs that people don’t want to do. That’s our goal, and I’m confident we’ll achieve it.”

So we have to figure out how to do it at scale.” continuous. “We have to figure out how to make it secure. The robot has to have a local means of shutting it down… Security is going to be extremely important, I can’t stress that enough. But right now, it’s not at an intelligence level where is pondering things like Mars. Maybe it will be, one day.”

Be careful with Tesla Bot, because It can become an essential for millions of homes. Yes, it sounds like science fiction, but it also seemed impossible to have a mobile phone, let alone a foldable one.


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