Tesla’s next step: that its electric cars can be charged wirelessly

Tesla's next step: that its electric cars can be charged wirelessly
tesla's next step: that its electric cars can be charged

Although it is true that it is not the first firm to launch electric cars, Tesla it marked the starting signal for the sector, in addition to becoming a benchmark when buying an electric vehicle. To the point that the Tesla Model Y has been the best-selling car, surpassing models with a combustion engine.

The great but of electric cars lies in their autonomy. Currently, the only way to charge your Tesla is through a charging plug. But the firm founded by Elon Musk wants more.

So the next objective of the American company is to offer a wireless charging system that will serve both for private use and for Tesla superchargers. In addition, in the past they have shown Tesla shareholders a image of a vehicle parked on top of a wireless charging pad, so it makes perfect sense.

Tesla wants a wireless charging system for its cars

And it seems that the manufacturer has found the perfect company for it. Or this is what emerges from a rumor on a German portal in which it points to the possibility that Tesla is giving the last stitches to the purchase of a wireless charging company.

Wiferion would be the company chosen to be absorbed by Tesla. As you can imagine, a company of the stature of the American motor giant usually buys small companies and startups to take advantage of its technology. And in the case of Wiferion, it is a company specialized in wireless charging. As the Badische Zeitung reports, both companies are close to signing the agreement.

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Best of all, everything indicates that the goal of the American motor giant is to launch a wireless charging system for its electric vehicles. The advantages of this technology will also apply to Tesla chargers. A wireless charging system will be more resistant to acts of vandalism or inclement weather, to give an example, so all are advantages.

Of course, before launching bells on the fly, we must be realistic. Vehicles have to adapt to this technology, and it’s still a couple of years at least until we see it in action. But in the future, let there be roads that can charge your electric car while you drive, It’s starting to feel less like science fiction and more like reality. Without a doubt, Elon Musk is capable of achieving it.


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