Tesla with problems in its cars due to defects in autonomous driving

Tesla with problems in its cars due to defects in autonomous driving
tesla with problems in its cars due to defects in

At the same time that the electric car market is getting more complicated to Teslaamong other things due to the arrival of Xiaomi, it has been known that some of its models have issues that have to be fixed. These have to do with the autonomous drivingone of the jewels in the crown of the company created by Elon Musk.

What has been known is that the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has advised the US firm that remove no less than 363,000 cars from the market. Therefore, we are talking about a failure that is quite broad and that affects almost all the models that can be found on Tesla roads right now: the Model S, X, 3 and the Y. Come on, it is almost not saved none.

What’s Wrong With Tesla’s Cars

According to the information that has become known, the integrated software for the firm’s autonomous driving, Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD), fails and can make vehicles do not do their job effectively when static yellow lights are detected while driving. In addition, problems have also been detected when recognizing some road signs, such as stop signs or those that establish speed limits. Therefore, we talk about problems that may be important.


NHTSA would have already contacted Tesla late last month, but the firm owned by Elon Musk did not share the conclusions to which this entity had arrived (so much so that Musk indicated in a tweet that what happened is somewhat anachronistic). But, yes, they take the appropriate steps so that in the current month the withdrawals of the cars to achieve the maximum possible security. But, this, always in a way voluntary.

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The solution is on the way and there is no need to take the car to the workshop

This is good news, and it is because the detected problem is software, not mechanical. Therefore, by a wireless update in cars as a patch, it is expected that in just a few weeks everything mentioned before will be solved. Consequently, it seems that the problem is not particularly complicated to solve, although it is important due to the consequences that failures can lead to.

The truth is that Tesla’s problems with the FSD (Full Self-Driving) do not stop appearing, and when some are fixed, different ones are found. The fact is that it seems that one of the axes of the company it doesn’t seem to be particularly polished. And this is in contrast to the expectations that Xiaomi is carrying out with the work… This company does not stop investing in autonomous driving which, by the way, indicates that it will have no problem sharing -by license- with other manufacturers.