Tesla will stop introducing this element in its cars: you will have to buy it separately

tesla will stop introducing this element in its cars you will have to buy it separately
tesla will stop introducing this element in its cars you will have to buy it separately

At the time, Apple surprised by dispensing with the charger in the iPhone box. A decision that generated a lot of controversy, although later other manufacturers such as Samsung have begun to follow in their footsteps. And we are very afraid that Tesla going to do something similar.

And it is that, the American company has always delivered mobile connectors for charging in its fleet of vehicles, but it seems that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has decided to do without this element.

Or this is what emerges from the last Twitter message published and in which Elon Musk makes it clear that users use this device very little, so “The usage statistics were very low, so it seemed like a waste. positive (minor) side, we will include more plug adapters with the mobile connector kit”. Come on, if you want this element, now you must go through the box. And it’s not exactly cheap.

The connector starts at 340 euros in Spain

NEWS: Tesla has now officially removed the mobile connector as a standard accessory with every new car purchase. You can purchase it separately for $400 here:

Notably In Spain the price of this connector is between 340 and 590 euros depending on the model you buy. As expected, the barrage of complaints has set Twitter on fire, so Elon Musk has had to come to the fore indicating that they will lower the price of the cheapest connector. In the United States it has an official price of 275 euros, but the CEO of Tesla has said that they will reduce it to 200 euros and it will be cheaper if it is ordered directly when buying the vehicle.

say that the tesla connector gen 2which is the one that costs 340 euros in Spain, allows the vehicle to be connected to any domestic installation, offering an output power of up to 1.3 kW, in addition to charging times of about 5 kilometers of autonomy per hour.

Without a doubt, a very controversial move on the part of Tesla and that the future owners of one of the vehicles available in its catalog have not liked at all.

We do not deny that what Elon Musk says is true, but regardless of whether the use of this charging system is rather anecdotal, they cannot remove this item and offer it at such high prices when it was included before. Tesla should review the price of its electric cars and lower the figure by dispensing with this component. Although we already anticipate that it will not be like that.

As has happened so many other times, as the controversy is diluted with other news, everything will continue as usual. Although if you plan to buy a Tesla car, remember that the charging cable is separate…

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