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Tesla will force you to buy the 2021 Tesla Model X and Model S with an airplane-style steering wheel

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Elon Musk loves the airplane type steering wheel. More and more vehicles of the American firm are betting on this controversial model. And we talk about vehicles of the size of the Tesla Cybertruck or the Model S Plaid, two of the great jewels of the electric motor giant’s catalog.

During the presentation of the new Tesla Model S and Model X for 2021, the CEO of the company made it clear that he would have the airplane steering wheel, also known as yoke, instead of opting for a traditional model.

And at the time it was thought that this remarkable change would not be mandatory. Come on, what when you set up your Tesla car you could choose between a traditional or yoke-type steering wheel for the 2021 Tesla Model S and Model X. Nothing is further from reality.

Elon Musk makes it clear: there will be no traditional steering wheel

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Any chance of a normal steering wheel option?

– Fred (@fredsterrrr) July 23, 2021

At the time a series of photos were published where you could see the new Model S and Model X with a traditional steering wheel, moving away from the modern, but not very ergonomic, airplane-like model. But Elon Musk has made it clear today that that option will not exist.

As you can see, The CEO of Tesla has again used his Twitter account to respond to a user who asked precisely that, If there would be the possibility of choosing the type of steering wheel you want for your vehicle, or if you will be obliged to buy it with the yoke model. And Elon Musk’s blunt answer makes it clear that it won’t be possible.

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Tesla will force you to buy the 2021 Tesla Model

enlarge photo

Tesla Model X from 2021. Tesla

Tesla claims that this type of steering wheel offers better visibility of the screen behind it, but the truth is that it has a few retractors. And that in Europe aircraft type steering wheels are allowed, although it is clear that they offer a very notable disadvantage.

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We talk about control at low speeds. It is more difficult to make quick maneuvers, so parking with this steering wheel can be an ordeal for many. Not to mention more dangerous situations, like an icy road, where it may take a few swings to regain control. Y a Tesla with a yoke steering wheel will have more problems than a vehicle with a traditional steering wheel.

Finally, the great hope of users is progressive direction, which would make driving a vehicle with this type of steering wheel a much easier process. But we fear that Elon Musk indicated that this technology will take time to implement in his range of Tesla cars …


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