Tesla updates some of its models with a plus of acceleration and power

Tesla updates some of its models with a plus of acceleration and power
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Tesla updates some of its models with a plus of acceleration and power

Some affirm that a device that lives on updates and manufacturer promises would never be purchased. Still, it is also true that, with the times, it is one of the fastest and most efficient methods, if not the only one, to improve performance or add new functions. And Tesla, unlike the rest of car manufacturers, is something that understood from the first day.

It is not the first time that an update has come to the owners of some Tesla models, although this time, the one that has just been released will be one of the most bitter we have seen in recent times. Not so much for the new features that it incorporates as for the pandemic in which we live and that because of the confinement, it will prevent some owners from testing it to see if it is true.

More acceleration and autonomy

The fact is that, without an official statement from Tesla, many owners of Model S and X have published the message they have received on their social networks that their vehicles have been updated with new software that has already been installed and that gives them extra acceleration, in addition to an extra horsepower.

Specifically, the official data that we have known is that in the case of the Raven Model S and X Performance, acceleration figures from 0 to 100 km / h decrease to 2.3 and 2.6-second marks, respectively. Keep in mind that before update, these scores were 2.5 and 2.8 seconds. In the email received from the owners, they warn that “the performance of your Model S is now faster (…) Take more consecutive races with improved thermal resistance and activate the mode of boost just by pressing the pedals. The new “Cheetah Stance Mode” position lowers the front axle and adjusts damping before entry for better traction and faster acceleration. ”


According to some owners who have already tried this update, they talk about that the cars (the Model S specifically) increase its power by a total of 46HP, which is not bad at all considering that we are talking about an update that will come entirely free for all owners of these EVs. Update that, from Tesla, warn that it will be arriving according to territories and areas little by little depending on global availability.