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Tesla releases a firmware update to add driver profiles and more news

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In the last weeks, Tesla He never stops giving us good news. A few days ago we learned that the Tesla Semi, the long-awaited electric truck from the American manufacturer, was closer than ever, confirming all its characteristics.

Now, the company founded by Elon Musk has just released a software update for its fleet of electric cars and it has some very interesting surprises.

In this way, Tesla is launching the new update 2022.24.5 that adds all kinds of novelties to the interface of its electric cars. Let’s see in detail everything that reaches the cars of the American giant.

Create different driver profiles in your Tesla

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To begin with, they indicate that this update will reach the more than three million Tesla cars that is currently in circulation. And, among all the novelties that arrive “Tesla Profiles” is the most interesting.

Tesla releases a firmware update to add driver profiles and

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Tesla inside splash

We are talking about the possibility of creating profiles in the cloud to facilitate the configuration process for each driver. In addition, you can use this profile in all Tesla cars, even in models that you have been able to rent on your vacation, for example.

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As Tesla notes in the update note: “Keep your settings and preferences in sync across all supported vehicles with your Tesla account, including:

– Mirror, seat and steering wheel adjustments

– Autopilot, driving and climate preferences

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– Browsing, media and data sharing preferences

You can set up your Tesla profile from the driver profile settings and change your profile picture from the Tesla Mobile app.”

On the other hand, now you will be able to change the signal of the blind spot camera on the screen of your Telsa car to place it where it suits you best. As the company indicates “Adjust the location of your blind spot camera on your screen by dragging the camera stream. The camera stream will appear in the same position when the flashing light is active. To enable, tap Controls > Autopilot > Automatic Blind Spot Camera.”

In addition, customers who have the premium service will be able to have more precise access to traffic, with new colors that make it more comfortable to navigate through its interactive map. In addition, Tesla also adds the ability to disable sounds in sentinel mode to avoid disturbing the neighbors. You will still receive notifications on your phone, but the car will not start beeping if you do not indicate it. To do this, you will need to go to Controls > Security > Sentinel Mode > Disable sentinel sounds.

A most complete update that will delight the owners of a Tesla, so now you just have to be patient and wait for the corresponding launch, which should reach all the company’s electric cars in the coming days.


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