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Tesla puts a price on its ‘full self-driving’ monthly subscription, and it’s not exactly cheap

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Tesla puts a price on its full self driving monthly subscription

We have been talking for many months about what that Tesla full self-driving (FSD) that Elon Musk is like crazy about to release, because it would mean the arrival in their vehicles of a technology capable of revolutionizing the market. Basically because it places its cars within the ecosystem of models with Level 5 autonomous driving.

In addition, the Americans give a twist to their way of distributing this FSD and instead of doing it as they had until now with the “autopilot” function, as an extra that we can hire when buying the car (or later) for a price which in Spain is currently 3,800 euros, it seems that they will significantly modify it through a flat fee It remains to be seen if it will replace or complete the existing offer.

Price (high) to be confirmed

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That flat rate, which has been seen within the code of the official Tesla application in recent months, now He has shown his face and the truth is that some confusion has been created. In the first place, because as some users have published on social networks, it seems that those vehicles that do not have version 3 of the hardware will have to upgrade, which will cost them a good peak. Specifically, 1,500 dollars (1,270 euros at the change).

$ 199 / mo and it doesn’t require the $ 1,500 hardware upgrade for me

– Hany Anber🤳 (@HanyAnber) July 17, 2021

However, to other users who require this update, it already warns them that they have a version of that FSD available that they can pay month by month through a subscription priced at $ 199 (168 euros). An amount that seems too excessive if we take into account that, until now, speculation and information from different specialized media placed that amount at 99. Another alternative, as can be seen in the screenshots, is to make a purchase of a single pay.

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As we say, it is not an official Tesla announcement or anything like that, but the own notices that some US owners have received. on the possibility of accessing that FSD that turns its cochs into fully autonomous vehicles that it can take and bring us with practically no influence during the driving process. It remains for Tesla to officially go out to confirm, first, that this update is necessary for that price of the hardware 3 of the system, and later, that That FSD subscription is going to be around $ 200. A denial (or confirmation) expected by many users who have their hopes set on paying month by month for a technology that, otherwise, would force them to pay a larger outlay all at once.


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