Tesla problems: some of their cars have failures when using airbags

Tesla problems: some of their cars have failures when using airbags

If there are some cars that are currently advanced in what has to do with the market for those that use electrical energy, these are the Tesla. The company created by Elon Musk has become an absolute reference, but this does not mean that there are some problems with the vehicles he manufactures. An example is the one detected in the Model X.

According to the data that have been known, the models of the range of cars that we have commanded before that have been manufactured between 2021 and 2022 (especially those that have been manufactured in USA), present a failure in the operation of the airbags. For this reason, they have been called for repair in order to solve what is happening. In other words, we are talking about a security failure offered by Tesla cars in the event of a collision when driving at low speed.

A bug to fix, but it’s not critical

The number of cars that have been recalled for repair within the Tesla Model X range is about 30,000 thousand, so we are talking about a significant number of those produced in the company’s factories. The point is that you have to proceed to a review and correction of the airbags that are included, since the deployment of these when an impact occurs if you do not go very fast is not optimal – which can lead to injuries unnecessary-.


Of course, the company has indicated that at the moment there are no users affected by the problem detected by the NHTSA (US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). It is important to note that the security systems affected are those of the passengers, which does not have the proper calibration. In this way, the drivers are not affected, but the rest of the occupants of the cars are.

Tesla has already taken steps in production

This is very important to be clear about: the company owned by Elon Musk has communicated that the new Model X coming out of the US factories have received the necessary modifications so that the calibrated of the airbags is appropriate. Therefore, they are not affected by the problems that have led to a repair call.

And this is added to the detection of software problems in some Tesla Model 3 and Model Y that make the lighting of the rear lights of some units not adequate. In this case, the solution is also being carried out by means of a direct update from the company’s servers to the cars that may be affected.


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