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Tesla launches a powerful wireless charger at a price of… crazy!

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The company Tesla It is known, logically, for the manufacture of electric cars. But from time to time it gets off the hook with some accessories that are striking due to their design and use options. The arrival of a new one has just been announced and it is already available on its website… This one that allows wirelessly charge all kinds of devices. We tell you what exactly it is about.

The name of the accessory in question is anything but catchy, as it’s called the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform. Obviously, it is very clarifying, but it does not have that usual punch that usually exists in the nomenclatures of the products launched by Elon Musk’s company. The fact is that this product what Allows you to wirelessly charge up to three devices at the same time without having problems for it. Thus, for example, you can place from a telephone to some acidulares that are compatible with Qi technology (which is the most common today).

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A good move by Tesla

The North American firm has achieved success where others have failed (the clearest example is Apple, which ultimately did not launch its own accessory of this type). To make everything work perfectly, inside the new product 30 charging coils are included and are distributed on the surface in which the equipment to be loaded is placed -and which is magnetic to avoid problems of falls-. So wherever you put your phone or headphones, they always start charging. And what is the power that is achieved for each of them? Well 15Wwhich without being something very crazy does allow you to obtain a speed in the processes quite high.


Another of the things that stands out in the new Tesla product is that it is finished in aluminum, with the aim of giving the accessory a striking appearance (it is black and the company says that it is inspired by the Cybertruck) and, at the same time, a quite remarkable dissipation capacity. Besides, it has an additional base that ensures high stability in placement. Since it is not very large, it can be placed practically anywhere on the furniture in the living room or in the entrance to the house.

A price that is quite insane

Considering what you have to pay for similar models offered by companies that offer accessories that allow you to wirelessly charge multiple devices at once, the 300 dollars having this one from Tesla seems a bit out of market. But those who are lovers of the brand created by Elon Musk, it is very possible that this detail matters little to them as long as they have the charger we are talking about.


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