Tesla is preparing an update on one of its greatest successes, the Model Y

Tesla is preparing an update on one of its greatest successes, the Model Y
tesla is preparing an update on one of its greatest

With the work ahead Tesla With the Cybertruck, it seemed like the Elon Musk-led company wouldn’t have much time to do other things any time soon. But it seems that this is not the case, and a report has been published in which the door is left open regarding the arrival of a new version of one of its electric cars: the ModelY.

According to the data that have been published, the company already has a code name for the new vehicle, which is none other than juniper. In addition, it is indicated that it would be next year when the North American manufacturer would put the development in the production phase. Therefore, if this is the case, the first steps would have already been taken and it would be in a medium phase of design and development. Curious, consequently, that the news arrives now because Tesla is not exactly a way that keeps its secrets very well.

A succession of new Tesla prototypes

This one that has just been met would join the one that the company led by Elon Musk has had in its portfolio for a long time, and that is none other than the Model 3 itself (which badly needed a facelift, it must be said). ). Therefore, two of the best-known electric cars on the planet could have new versions in no time and, always, in a staggered way. And, all this, with the pending work on the Cybertruck, as we have mentioned before… Tesla’s tasks are piling up.

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The possible changes that are expected in the new Model Y would have to do with the abroad, where there would be some tweaks to the design and bodywork. And also in the inside Improvements are expected to include new features that make it more complete (and, in theory, without increasing the price of the car we are talking about). Even, according to the source of the information, the request for the new parts to the suppliers would be a reality, so this makes it clear that the entry into manufacturing could be fulfilled in 2024.

Some changes that were not expected

This is because it must not be forgotten that the current Tesla Model Y entered production in 2020, so it has a route that is not very extensive if the rest of the range of this manufacturer is reviewed. The fact is that the advances that the company has had in batteries, parts and design make it an appropriate time to have a new version so that the competition continues to have as reference to this SUV type car It’s a real wonder to drive, really.