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Tesla is looking for developers for its humanoid robot “Optimus”

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A job advertisement reveals that Tesla is continuing to work on its humanoid robot. The first prototype could be presented on September 30th.


Tesla is currently looking for developers who can optimize the motion sequences of humanoid robots. This is according to a job advertisement from the company. It states that Tesla is “in the process of building large-scale, humanoid, bipedal robots to automate repetitive and tedious tasks.”

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On September 30th, a prototype of this robot could be presented as part of Tesla’s AI Day. This is suspected because a teaser image for the event shows two robotic hands forming a heart. Elon Musk had already hinted at the idea of ​​the prototype when the date for AI Day was pushed back to September.

Tesla presented the concept for the robot mentioned in the current job advertisement a year ago at AI Day. According to this, the robot should be 1.70 m tall, weigh around 56 kg, carry a load of 20 kg and be able to lift almost 70 kg from the cross. Later the robot was given the name “Optimus”.

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