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Tesla could start rejecting orders. What’s going on?

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Today Tesla It is the great reference when buying an electric car. The motor giant founded by Elon Musk leads global EV sales quarter after quarter. Although if you are interested in buying one of the vehicles available in their catalog, you better hurry up.

The company has had to delay several of its most anticipated launches due to the coronavirus. The arrival of the pandemic caused the supply chain to come to a standstill due to massive lockdowns, affecting all kinds of sectors, including the automotive sector.

For this reason, Elon Musk had to announce that his long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck and the Tesla Semi, among other models, would delay their market launch. And now, we have just learned that the American company may stop accepting orders

The demand is too high and Tesla does not know if it will be able to meet

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As reported by colleagues from Electrek, a prestigious Korean mediaElon Musk has announced that Tesla may stop taking orders for some models due to long delivery times. Considering that the rate of orders has increased exponentially in the United States, to the point that many of the available models are sold out until 2023, the company has first increased the prices of the entire line, and now they consider stopping accepting new Bookings.

As Elon Musk noted in an interview, “Demand is now exceeding production to a ridiculous degree. In fact, we’re probably going to limit or just stop taking orders for anything beyond a certain time frame because some of the time (for delivery of new orders) is more than a year away.”

Tesla could start rejecting orders Whats going on

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A situation that currently has no other solution. Today, ordering a Tesla Model Y in the United States means that you will not receive the vehicle until at least February 2023. It is true that the most expensive model has a much shorter delivery time, but the cheapest Model Y is impossible to buy.

We will have to wait to see if the American company finally decides to make this decision. And it also remains to be seen whether the blocking of orders would be worldwide, or only in the United States, where the demand is much higher than that of the rest of the countries. In this way, If you’re considering buying a Tesla, you better hurry up before they stop taking orders…


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