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Tesla could create a flat rate for its full autopilot service

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Since last year we have been learning about Elon Musk‘s interest in taking his cars to the next level of self-driving functions, with important notices about deadlines and, above all, the price. If you remember, the Australian claimed that the long-awaited level 1 would arrive earlier this year. And the latest updates seem to attest to that strategy.

Now, why so much interest in putting these functions in the hands of everyone? The reason is obvious and has to do with that automated future that will lead the owner of one of these cars to use them as if they were taxis, which will bring good money, both to him and … to the brand, without forgetting that better than receiving a single payment for the pack of autopilot, is to keep it in time for the lifetime of the EV.

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Payment subscription is hidden in code

Now, after the latest updates to the Tesla autopilot, which allows EVs to detect traffic lights and all kinds of vertical signage within cities, some users have commented on social media that the company has collected the code installed by the cars. a module that reflects the existence of a paid subscription for this FSD (full self-driving).

According to users, this payment plan, this rate, will come the moment Tesla deems it to be the “right time”. Specifically, @greentheonly He states that “There is a code for the pay-as-you-go subscription plan, it has been for quite some time. Waiting for that eventual moment when it makes sense, I’m sure.”

Anyway, It remains to be seen how Tesla integrates this complete autonomous driving into the service ecosystem. for which it already charges, such as this case. The pack FSD of any of its models has a price in Spain of 6,400 euros, so adding the cost of a monthly or annual fee does not make sense.

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Now, will that payment be produced by options that are not yet contemplated in that package that we can add when buying the car?

Now, there is an alternative assumption that is replace that initial payment with a cost every month, which would allow Elon Musk’s to continue to deposit money even though the car has already been sold once or twice to different owners.

Remember that right now, and if nothing changes, the only one who pays for self-driving is the first of all: the others receive the EV already with the pack activated and fully operational.

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