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Tesla collapses on the stock market after failing to meet its own sales forecasts

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The shares of the automobile company tesla collapse today on the Stock Market, falling more than 13%.

In reaction to the bad sales figures that the company, led by magnate Elon Musk, revealed yesterday.

According to some US media, the sharp drop in value of the company’s titles results in Musk reaching the title of being the first person in history to see the value of his stake in the company deflated by 200,000 million dollars. , from the peak of 340,000 million that it reached in November 2021, now its participation does not exceed 137,000 million in market value. Tesla thus maintains its falls from last year, its worst year, when its shares lost 65%.

The company assured yesterday through a statement that it had reached a record production and deliveries of electric vehicles in the fourth quarter. However, the firm was not able to meet the estimates made by Wall Street analysts, due to persistent logistical problems and slowing demand in a context of rising interest rates and fears of a recession.

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In total, Tesla was able to place a total of 1.3 million vehicles on the market in 2022, a figure that represents a 40% growth compared to sales last year, but was unable to meet its own forecasts, which they claimed would reach the figure of 1.4 million vehicles to reach its own goal of growing by 50%.

As detailed by the automobile manufacturer, owned by magnate Elon Musk, it delivered a total of 405,278 vehicles in the last three months of the year, compared to Wall Street expectations of 431,117 vehicles, according to Refinitiv data. The company had delivered 308,600 vehicles in the same period of the previous year.

Tesla delivered 388,131 Model 3 compact sedans and sport utility vehicles (SUV) Model Y, plus 17,147 Model X and Model S luxury cars. In total, the company built 439,701 cars in the fourth quarter.

Tesla has faced the challenge of securing transportation to handle a quarter-end surge in deliveries, and Chief Executive Elon Musk said in October that he was working to resolve the problem.

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Analysts have also pointed to possible weak demand in China, the world’s top auto market.

In addition, there are concerns of a slowdown for Tesla due to stiff competition from automakers like Ford, General Motors and startups like Rivian Automotive and Lucid. Uncertainty over credit for electric vehicles in the United States has also likely led some customers to hold off on their purchases.


In parallel to the bad moment that Musk’s car company seems to be going through, his aerospace business, which he concentrates through spacex, has opened a financing round of 750 million dollars (710 million euros) that valued it at 137,000 million dollars (129,820 million euros), as reported by the American media ‘CNBC’.

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The round is not closed, but according to the initial documentation sent to current investors, the venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz would act as the leader in this round.

The fund maintains a certain relationship with Elon Musk, since he also decided to participate in the acquisition of Twitter to exclude it from the stock market, taking a minority stake. Other minority shareholders who joined Musk to buy Twitter were Binance, Sequoia, Larry Ellison, Qatar or a prince from Saudi Arabia.

In mid-December, SpaceX reported that its Starlink service, which uses a network of satellites to provide Internet coverage, exceeded one million active customers.

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