Tesla calls over 7,000 EVs for overhaul for seat belt and brake issue

Tesla calls over 7,000 EVs for overhaul for seat belt and brake issue
tesla calls over 7,000 evs for overhaul for seat belt

While is true that Tesla It is the great reference when buying an electric car, sometimes there is some other problem that requires a review of the affected vehicles. We already told you about the problem with the screen of some EVs, and now the company founded by Elon Musk has to recall more than 7,000 electric cars.

The reason? Different safety problems with the seat belts or brakes on some models, so Tesla has promised to repair the cars that have been affected completely free of charge.

In this way, Tesla has recalled more than 7,000 of its electric vehicles due to this problem detected in the seat belt and in the brakes. Regarding the models that have been affected, say that the company has reported that are the Tesla Model 3 manufactured between 2018 and 2020 and Tesla Model Y between 2019 and 2021,

Regarding the failure with the brake calipers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there is a problem that poses a risk of loss of pressure in the tires, which could lead to a serious accident. And this problem affects the two models mentioned above.

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Tesla Model S Plaid + Tesla

On the other hand, in China there are another 734 Tesla Model 3 produced in 2019 that have also suffered failures related to the seat belt and tires, so the company founded by Elon Musk has decided to take action on the matter and call these vehicles to review to solve safety problems at no cost to the customer.

Although no one can deny that Tesla’s commitment to its customers is total, the truth is that the electric car manufacturer is not going through its best moment. On the one hand we have the cancellation of the Tesla Model S Plaid +, an EV that was going to boast the longest range on the market.

A news that felt like a jug of cold water for customers who had reserved a Tesla Model S Plaid. And also for investors, since yesterday Tesla suffered a notable drop in the stock market after the announcement of Elon Musk. And now they have a new safety problem that has affected more than 7,000 Tesla vehicles in the United States and China …