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Ten minutes of rest are enough to reduce stress, here is the study

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Ten minutes of rest are enough to reduce stress, here is the study

Stress is a problem that affects more and more people both physically and psychologically with serious consequences on their health. There is hardly a time to relax and recover from everyday tension, but a recent study has shown that ten minutes (perhaps with a massage) are enough to feel much better.

The research was conducted by the University of Konstanz, specifically the Department of Psychology and Neuropsychology, and published in the Scientific Reports journal a few days ago. It demonstrates how short-term treatments such as ten minute break to reduce stress and make the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) feel better, that is, that part of the autonomic nervous system responsible for all activities of the body at rest such as salivation, digestion or urination.

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Researchers have divided the study participants into three sub-groups: one received a head and neck massage to stimulate major nerves part of the PNS such as the vagus nerve; the second group a more generic neck and shoulder treatment to see if simple touches are enough to feel more relaxed; finally, the third sat instead in a quiet environment to observe relaxation without tactile stimulation. To monitor the psychological effects were analyze changes in heart rate.

After ten minutes of testing, these were the results: in all three groups, each person relaxed and confirmed that simple rest really makes you feel a lot less stress; those who received a massage, however, regardless of the type showed much more pronounced effects. Hence, physical contact actually plays an important role against tension.

Neuropsychology student Maria Meier, author of the study in question, said: “We are very encouraged by the results of this study: we have shown that short periods of relaxation are enough to relax not only the mind but also the body, even without professional treatment. Just having someone gently caress your shoulders, or even just rest your head on the table for ten minutes, to stimulate the PNS and relax as much as necessary “.

The next step, according to Meier, will be to study too other methods such as breathing exercises and meditation to understand what their effects are on body and mind. Meanwhile, other research has shown how Mozart’s music helps against epileptic seizures, or even what are the tricks to sleep well at night.

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