Templates and new features to create Reels on Facebook

reels de facebook 1.jpg
reels de facebook 1.jpg

Facebook announced a number of new features to make it easier to create Reels, as well as a new time limit.

Following the updates that Instagram Reels have had in recent months, Facebook also updates its proposal with the changes that we tell you about below.

Facebook changes the duration of Reels and adds more features

As with Instagram Reels, the limit for Facebook Reels is now 90 seconds. So those who like this Facebook feature will have a few more seconds to express themselves or share the content.

On the other hand, the Facebook team announced new options to make it easier to create Reels from other content. For example, it now allows you to create Reels from trending templates. You just have to click on “Use this template” and customize the options to present content based on another user’s Reel

So if you have no idea how to present your content, or are short on time, you can use these templates to give it structure. A dynamic similar to what we find in Instagram Reels. On the other hand, it will also make it easier to share your Memories in the Reels without you having to overcomplicate yourself.

And the last novelty of this update dedicated to Reels is a function called Grooves. This function uses a technology that automatically synchronizes the movement in the video to the rhythm of the song chosen in the Reel. A simple way to give your Reel more impact without you having to take any additional action.

If you use Reels on Instagram, none of these new features will be unknown to you, since Meta implemented it in the app a long time ago. And now they have their version for Facebook Reels.

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