Tell me where you live and I’ll tell you what you call the sneakers

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Did you know that the Sneakers They have different names depending on the city you are in? In some places they are called “tennis”, in others “t-shirts”, “sneakers” or even “sneakers”, and of course… it has confronted thousands of users on Twitter!

This curious linguistic phenomenon has its origin in the regional and cultural differences of each place. The user @Fotomaf has been the cause of the extensive discussion that has been generated for hours on the blue bird’s social network. A simple spanish map that accumulates hundreds of comments and more than 250 thousand views. And you, what do you call the sneakers?

Tennis, t-shirts and sneakers: the most used

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📸 👟 🤳 fotomaf.eth ⭐️


Butterflies? Whoops? And you, what do you use to name them?

March 28, 2023 • 09:08



The variety of names for sneakers in Spain is amazing! In some parts of the south, such as Andalusia, they are called “tennis” or “sports”, while in central Spain, especially in Madrid, they are known as “zapas”. And if you thought that was all, wait until you hear the most curious names used in some regions!

In Asturias, for example, the term “espadrilles» is used to refer to sneakers, although this term is commonly used to describe esparto shoes for the summer. In the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands, “sports» to refer to sports shoes, and in Aragon, «butterfly» is the curious name used.

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The most interesting thing is that some of these terms do not have a clear connection with sports shoes. For example, how is the term “maripis” connected to sneakers? Although it may seem strange, this is just a sample of the linguistic and cultural diversity of Spain.

Names that do not appear on the map

Twitter is characterized by constantly generating debate among its users. And in this case, with so much ambiguity, it could not be less. For example, many have missed the term “espáis» from Santander. It does not appear on the map, and the Cantabrians are not satisfied with shirts.

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David Brown


@Fotomaf In Galicia there is quite a variety. Beach shoes, tennis shoes or sneakers depending on the age of the speaker

I miss “espáis” in Santander. It’s a word I love

March 28, 2023 • 09:12



In Murcia they also have a special term, «bambos«. Similar to the sneakers of the Canary Islands or Andalusia, but changing the gender of the word.

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Adri Velez


@Fotomaf In Murcia it is “bambos”.

March 29, 2023 • 00:06



Lleida also has its own name, beyond the sneakers. quest it does not respond to another word from which it is derived, so it would be curious to know if it comes from some brand or a way of speaking.

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Neus Mota


@Fotomaf Quets, Lleida

March 28, 2023 • 15:02



And the best, without a doubt, is “pikes«. As explained by the user @DrMotor_Ecuador, it comes from the English “shoes”. However, it does not make it clear in which areas this name is used, but this genius could be implemented in any city.

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dr motor


@Fotomaf Chuzos!!! (It comes from shoes “chu” zos).

March 28, 2023 • 15:29



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