Telegram opens the year 2023 with great and numerous news

If there is a messaging application that competes face to face with WhatsApp, this is Telegram. Its large number of options makes it surpass this without many problems in various sections, and to say goodbye to the year 2022 the company has released an update that includes a good number of new possibilities that are striking. We show you. The truth is that it is a bit surprising that Telegram has waited until these dates to launch such an important improvement to the application, since the number of functions that are added are extremely numerous and, in many cases, useful. Therefore, it seems quite clear that the growth that this development is experiencing in recent times is to be maintained and, consequently, to continue making things very complicated for the Meta app, which for a while remained somewhat stagnant. The news that comes to the Telegram application The update is available both for the Android version of the application and for the iOS version itself. Therefore, we are talking about options that reach practically all platform users (for computer clients things are similar, but not exactly the same). This is the most striking thing you will find in the new version of Telegram: Animations in progress: new options are included in this section with the Telegram iteration, so chats are more visually rich in everything that has to do with animations which means that something is moving forward (such as when loading an image). Better storage management: this has to do with discovering in a new section of the application which files take up the most space on the device. This way, you can keep much better control of everything, which is always a positive. More animated emojis: This is a regular occurrence in updates to this app. The fact is that there are more possibilities even among the interactive options. New drawing tools: to edit images or videos, Telegram has editing options, which are expanded with the update. Now, you will be able to use blurs or better texts. Hidden multimedia shipments: a good idea, since the content will not be seen by the recipient until they click on what they have received, so everything in the case can be kept secret so wish. This is called in the app Send as spoiler. More options in profile photos: the possibility of establishing your own that is public is added so that the main one is simply discovered by the contacts you have. In addition, you can change the ones of these so that it is the one that best fits you and, therefore, you can better visually differentiate everything. There are some more improvements, which are less important -but which are still useful in the new version of Telegram, such as the themes for the groups, which can now be the size you want-. The fact is that the update is important and, therefore, this app keeps up with WhatsApp. >