Telegram launches its own "WhatsApp Business" as a new subscription within the app

telegram launches its own quotwhatsapp businessquot as a new subscription.webp.webp.webp
telegram launches its own quotwhatsapp businessquot as a new subscription.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business in 2018 as its specialized application so that companies could communicate with customers via chat. Telegram seems to have liked the idea, as it has just launched Telegram Business, within Telegram.

Telegram Business provides you with a series of additional functions aimed at companies and that are similar to those found in WhatsApp Business. There is a difference, yes: in Telegram Business you must pay a monthly subscription of 4.49 euros per month, although it is temporarily included in Telegram Premium.

Like WhatsApp Business, but on Telegram

Telegram focuses on companies to continue growing. The application now has functions for companies under the umbrella of Telegram Business. It’s not a separate app, at least for now: everything happens from the same old Telegram app.

Companies interested in taking advantage of the advanced functions of Telegram Business can easily sign up upon payment of 4.49 euros per month (0 2.83 euros with the discount when making the annual payment). Telegram Business is temporarily included within your existing Telegram Premium subscription.


And what does Telegram Business give us? Well, more or less the same thing that we have in WhatsApp Business, since many changes and differences with the normal Telegram are traces of the WhatsApp Business changes with respect to traditional WhatsApp. They are the following:

  • Welcome message: Businesses can set up a welcome message that is sent after a prospect writes the first message.
  • Absence message: Likewise, companies can set an absence message to be sent automatically, for example, when the store is closed.
  • Quickly answers: Quick shortcuts for

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