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Telegram is updated to add video message transcription and other new features

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telegram has become the great alternative to WhatsApp when it comes to choosing an instant messaging service. And part of the merit of this application goes to the constant updates launched by the team behind its development to offer more and more functions that make it different from any of its rivals. Now, Telegram has just announced through its official blog the release of a new update corresponding to version 9.1, and which adds a series of really interesting improvements to its instant messaging service. As the company indicates, the new update will allow you to “add topics to organize conversations in large groups, a new mode of collectible usernames secured in a blockchain, an option to convert video messages into text, and much more.” All the news that comes with Telegram 9.1 Say that the update can now be downloaded, so if you have Telegram you know that you can go to version 9.1 without problem. In the event that the update does not appear, you will only have to have a little patience since, being a global deployment, it may take a couple of days to update. As for the news, the Group Themes arrive. Until now, Telegram groups housed huge communities, and now groups with more than 200 members will be able to create separate spaces for each topic. These themes function as individual chats within the group, with their own multimedia system and notification settings, making it perfect for certain communities that currently have to constantly open groups for new events. Now everything will be more organized. As they indicate in the press release “this feature is specifically designed for large groups, adding new ways to personalize your chats and motivate the conversation. During this year, we hope to introduce a set of tools tailored for small groups.” Collectible usernames are also coming, which will allow you to create collectible usernames to your accounts and public chats. These collectible usernames are secured by TON, a fast and scalable blockchain network, and can be bought and sold through the platform. Very useful for selling valuable Telegram domains. Unlike basic usernames, collectible usernames can be less than 5 characters long, so there are unique names like @news or @game for example Also, once you’ve acquired a name like this, you’ll own it to keep for as long as you like. You can also disable any of your collectible usernames, hiding them from search results without losing the name. the news that arrives on Telegram say that the Premium version will receive the possibility of transcribing video me voice-to-text messages. We hope that in the future this function will reach all users because it looks really good. On the other hand, Telegram has added 12 additional emoji packs, although at the moment for Premium users as well. And if you use iOS, know that the dark themes have been updated to look better. For example, the colors have been balanced and with better blurring effects when you slide in the chats and the chat list. And if you are from Android, know that there are improvements so that you can adjust the size of the text. Closing all the news that arrives on the instant messaging platform, it is also said that four new interactive emojis will also land, which are reproduced in full screen and can be used as reactions. >

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