Telegram is increasingly replacing more apps on my mobile. And not just messaging

telegram is increasingly replacing more apps on my mobile and.webp.webp.webp
telegram is increasingly replacing more apps on my mobile and.webp.webp.webp

Yes, Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps. In fact, it is my main app for this after leaving WhatsApp. And a good part of the reasons for this is that It is much more than a messaging app although that is its essence.

I have compiled all the uses I make of the application. I don’t apply all of them daily, but I do apply them periodically. And these are these such varied and different uses of chatting which in a way are close to replacing some of the other apps that I have on my mobile.

Download TikTok videos

Tiktok Telegram

This is one of those functions that I don’t use every day, but when I need it, it scares me. And it is that through a bot It is possible to download TikTok videos without a watermark. While it is true that videos can be shared even with those who do not have a TikTok account, in many cases I believe that recipients find it more comfortable if I send them the video as a file integrated into the chat.

The bot in question It’s called ‘ttsavebot’ and just like that you can search on Telegram. Simply click on ‘Start’, choose our language and paste the links to TikTok videos. The bot will process and download them without a watermark so that we can save or share them.

Message translator

Telegram Translator

It’s not that I often chat with people with whom I don’t share a language, but I do subscribe to several information channels – which I’ll tell you about later – and it’s always interesting to have the possibility of translate messages within the app itselffunctionality that was added very recently.

Thus, if I receive some information that I do not understand or it is a completely unknown language, I can use the translator. and enough tap the message on Android or hold it on iOS so that the option to translate the text appears.

Timely reminders that I know I will see

Telegram Reminders

I admit that I have other reminder apps on a regular basis. However, for specific cases, Telegram is becoming my agenda thanks to the possibility of send messages to myself combined with scheduled messages.

And the ‘Saved Messages’ chat, which is what the chat with ourselves is called, allows when we proceed to send a message, if we hold down the send button, the option to appear appears. set a reminder. We can choose date and time, so it is most useful. Thus, knowing that Telegram is my main messaging app and that I log in several times a day, I am sure that I will not miss that notice that I scheduled.

Tell me where I’m going on an appointment (or vice versa)

Telegram Location

Having established Telegram as a messaging app with a multitude of family and friends allows me to not have to keep writing to them how much I have left when I am arriving at the place where I have met with them. Or vice versa. And this is especially notable if I am driving and want to avoid stopping to write a message.

I am talking neither more nor less than the option to share the location in real time on Telegram, which It even supports warnings when we are within a certain kilometer radius. Thus, every time I leave home I send this location with a time of between 15 minutes and 8 hours (it depends on how long it will take) and I forget about constantly receiving messages like “I’m coming here.”

My own feed of news or articles of interest

Telegram Reading

As I already mentioned in a previous point, another of the advantages that I see in Telegram is being able to join channels or information groups about all kinds of news. Generalists, sports, technological… If you search for your favorite media, you will surely find that they have a broadcast channel on Telegram.

Likewise, another option that I resort to is send myself links to web articles to read later. First I did it in the aforementioned ‘Saved Messages’ chat, but over time I created a group in which I am alone and which I have precisely named “Reading” to add only and exclusively links of interest. When I read them, I delete them (unless I really liked them, then I leave them and it’s my way of marking them as favorites).

Shared shopping list

Buy Telegram

I live alone, so you can imagine that sharing my shopping list is usually a bit absurd. However, for accompanied trips or weekends when I receive visitors and we feel like cooking, I usually resort to create a group in which to add ingredients and other elements necessary for said recipe.

Then it is deleted and that’s it. And I know that it is not a revolutionary use, but it is a “clean” way of not mixing it in a chat and that all of us can also add elements. And it is that Usually sharing a note or list in other apps becomes more tedious by not using all the same applications.

Send things to my computer (and vice versa)

Photos To Computer

Whether to transfer photos from your mobile to your computer or any other type of file, Telegram is one of the best options. Your limit up to 2 GB of files, I have rarely come up short. And when it comes to photos, the possibility of easily sending them as a file is especially interesting instead of attaching them directly from the gallery, in which case they are sent compressed. And yes, in my case I use it daily and intensively. In fact, all the screenshots you see in this article are possible precisely because I sent them to myself via Telegram.

A basic music player, but player

I use streaming platforms to listen to music, but I have several friends who play independent music and whose songs are not on Spotify and company. So, what I do is have all his songs in a group that I have precisely named after him.

In it I can hear music in the background and control the playback regardless of the app. In the same way I can jump from one to another and although I recognize that perhaps it is not the most aesthetic thing in the world, it is fully functional.

And so, probably the least thing I do on Telegram is chat.

As you have seen, I have not had to reinvent anything to take advantage of Telegram as a multipurpose app. In fact, you may already know many (even all) of the functions I highlight, but if you have not considered using them in the formats I mention, I hope my experience can help you in some way.

After all, if Telegram has become my go-to messaging app, it is largely because of how versatile it is. However, I also recognize that some of these functions are comparable to WhatsApp or other similar apps.

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