Telegram gives its subscribers superpowers: they can see the last connection time without showing theirs and more news

telegram gives its subscribers superpowers they can see the last.webp.webp.webp
telegram gives its subscribers superpowers they can see the last.webp.webp.webp

Telegram just announced three new features coming to your application two of which are exclusive to those who pay for the Telegram Premium subscription.

Those who have Telegram Premium have just gained two superpowers by which they will have privacy advantages over those who do not: the first of which is that can see the last connection or reading time despite hiding theirs and, in addition, they can restrict messages from strangers to those who are also Telegram Premium subscribers.

Telegram Premium as a select club

Telegram has semi-silently announced a small package of news through the application’s stories. The news will be especially interesting for those who pay for Premium although for those who do not pay it will be useful to know the new superpowers acquired by Premium users.

This is so Telegram breaks with a dynamic to which we had already become accustomed in the privacy options of similar applications: if you hide something from other users, you cannot see that data from other users either. This is how the privacy options for the last connection time and read receipts work in WhatsApp, and this is how they also worked in Telegram, until now.

Now, If you pay you can hide your last connection time and still see that of others, and the same applies to when reading a message. As a “non-premium” user, we can read this the other way around: although we do not see the connection time of a contact who is a subscriber, they will see ours (if we do not have it hidden, of course). These are all the Telegram news that have been announced:

  • View last connection time and reading time: Telegram Premium users can see a user’s last connection time (not hiding it), despite hiding their own. The same happens with the reading time of a message.
  • Premium only messages: Telegram Premium users can configure their privacy so that only other Telegram Premium users can contact them.
  • Reading time in private chats. This is the only new feature available to everyone, even if they don’t pay: in a private chat we can now see the reading time of a message.

For all users, subscribers or not, Telegram has something new: reading time is shown in private chats which is what Telegram calls normal chats between people versus groups or secret chats.

To do so, with a normal touch on the message we will see the text i above the context menu telling us what day and what time the message was read something that until now we could see in groups but not in chats between individuals.

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