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Telegram exploits Emojis even more with its update: infinite reactions, better downloads and more

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In its eagerness to become the instant messaging reference, Telegram already has a new update ready, number 9.0. And it comes with notable changes in one important area: emojis. Mainly for Telegram Premium users though the platform also equates some payment advantages so that those who use the free apps can enjoy them.

It’s been a little over a month since Telegram released its latest update, 8.9. With a program of constant development and full of innovations, the platform maintains that cadence between major releases, one month. So it was time to try the new honeys, since the last update left us with apps full of Emojis. In all its aspects. Now more.

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Telegram equates part of the Premium options to free users

Telegram 9

Emoji selector for states. Only Telegram Premium

As is obvious in any separation by payment bands, those who pay money for an application obtain in return greater advantages in use and experience than those who use the apps without paying a penny. Telegram introduced its Premium service with certain advances for these users, mainly cosmetics. And some end up reaching everyone.

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If before Premium users could react with a lot more reactions, Telegram equates this function so that it is accessible to all. In addition, the reaction panel has been redesigned to make it more comfortable to use; with the advantage that those Emojis that are most used will appear first.

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While extended reactions reach everyone, Premium users get another benefit: react with the animated Emojis that only they have. In addition, Telegram gives them the option to react up to three times per message. Free users can only add one reaction.

Telegram 9

Left, new expanded reaction selector. Right, send up to three reactions per message (premium only)

Apart from the mess with the reactions, Telegram 9.0 incorporates the following new features:

  • Emoji statuses, only Premium. Paying users can put any Emoji they want in their Telegram status, including animated ones.
  • Sign in with Google account. Telegram expands the login options now including Google accounts.
  • New format for user links. Apart from t.me/usernamethe new format allows you to share the account as username.t.me.
  • Priority in downloads. From the download screen, Android users can now manage which files we want to prioritize.
  • theme icon. Telegram has included an application icon that adapts its hue to the choice of the system.
  • New animations in the application.

Telegram 9.0 is now available for download from the Google Play Store, it is also available for direct download through the Telegram website.

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