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Telegram confirms that Apple’s problem was Telemojis

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Literature, cinema and other artistic disciplines have accustomed us, throughout our lives, to hope that in every story there is a good and a bad. They can be absolute, that is, an absolutely good good and an absolutely and irreproachably bad bad or, in more and more cases, have nuances, edges. A good guy who drinks milk at home from the tetra brik and a bad guy who always greets the neighbors cordially… in short, deeply multifaceted characters.

However, reality has shown us that there can also be clashes between two good guys and between two bad guys. An example of the second case is that confrontation in which the SGAE and the tuna saw each other, a dispute that, in my perception, had little to envy Alien vs. Predator. It’s not that I say that the SGAE and the prickly pear are bad but, let’s be honest… it’s not that you can say they’re good either.

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In any case, and for not getting into the puddle anymore, I will draw on the lyrics of the sadly disappeared but expert in relativism (not in relativity, not to be confused) Pau Donés, who, hand in hand with Jarabe de Palo, told us about

Depends what does it depend on?
Depending on how you look at it, it all depends.

I would put a longer fragment of the lyrics, but I don’t want to annoy the SGAE or give ideas to the tuna, so we better go to the news that concerns us, and how the two opposing parties in a story can, simultaneously, look bad. It all starts the day before yesterday, when telegram denounced that apple was delaying an update. But beware, it wasn’t just any update, huh?? It was a revolutionary update. Telegram updates are usually worth it, so this one in particular promised to be the bomb. Revolutionary, neither more nor less.

Telegram <a class=confirms that Apple's problem was Telemojis" >

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The fact is that the update was finally released yesterday by Apple. Well, this is good news, although Telegram did not confirm if this was the expected revolutionary update or if, on the contrary, it was an update uploaded to the Apple store as an alternative to the one that had been waiting for weeks to be released. approved and uploaded to the App Store. Emotion, intrigue, stomachache… Were we in front of the stellar update or just in front of an appetizer? And why didn’t Apple approve and upload this update? The tension was chewing in the room.

But the mystery is over because, as we can read in Gizchina, there is already an answer to all the questions. And it is that Apple reportedly withheld Telegram update for Telemoji, an animated version of Apple emoji designs. Some of Telegram’s new emoji featured the same as Apple’s trademark emoji, according to the App Store review team. Third-party developers may not create applications that are “confusingly similar to an existing Apple product«. Per 5.2.5 of the App Store rules, Apple explicitly states in the same rule that this includes not copying Apple’s emoji design.

I return for a moment to the conflict between the SGAE and the prickly pear to indicate that, in this case, those from Cupertino would be assuming the role of the Spanish society representing (part of the) national authors. And it is that protecting intellectual property is something totally legitimate, no one doubts that, but from there to pursue the use of emojis based on theirs, in the context of an app designed for their operating system, perhaps it seems to me to go a little far.

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But Telegram also has its own in this case. First, of course, for having created the Telemojis without paying attention to Apple’s legal terms to publish apps on the App Store. And even more knowing Apple and how it spends them. But beyond this point… “Revolutionary update”? Are some animated emojis that can only be used by premium (paid) users of Telegram a revolutionary update? If this is something truly revolutionary, the day they add a truly useful new feature I wonder how they will rate it.

Is there any good, either pure or rough, in this story? I would say not. What do you think?

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