Telegram boss: Apple is causing economic damage to the technology industry

The founder of the messaging app again sharply criticizes the App Store. An update has been stuck at Apple for two weeks – with no explanation.


Telegram founder Pavel Durov is once again annoyed by Apple’s actions: With the app store’s “obscure review process,” the platform operator is not only causing frustration, but is also inflicting “direct financial losses” on app developers, Durov complained in a statement. An important update for the messenger has been stuck at Apple for two weeks – without any explanation. If big apps like Telegram are treated like this, he can only imagine how difficult it is for smaller app developers, says Durov.

The Telegram boss sees difficulties with the app check as a problem that is added to the commission on in-app purchases of up to 30 percent estimated by Apple and Google. The economic damage that Apple has already inflicted on the technology industry could no longer be compensated for by the intervention of regulatory authorities, stressed Durov.

Apple and Telegram have repeatedly clashed in recent years. In 2018, Apple temporarily removed Messenger from the App Store, allegedly because of content shared there that showed child sexual abuse.

Apple’s intervention in content distributed via Telegram also caused dissatisfaction with Durov. He is not even allowed to inform users about the deletion of messages ordered by Apple. The Telegram founder also criticized Apple’s WebKit compulsion; Web apps are specifically restricted so as not to disrupt Apple’s lucrative app sales.

According to media reports, Telegram also filed an antitrust complaint against Apple with the EU Commission around two years ago, claiming that the App Store obligation hindered competition. As a result of the Digital Markets Act that has now been passed, Apple should no longer be allowed to limit software sales to its own shop.

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