Telegram allows you to react with any emoji

Telegram has announced the extension of the reactions that can be associated as a quick response to a message and now any emoji can be used.

Reactions to Telegram messages may include any emoji from all those available on the instant messaging platform

Facebook was the first social network to incorporate reactions beyond its iconic thumbs up, adding a heart, an emoji hugging a heart, and representations of laughter, amazement, sorrow, and anger. Emojis that have been replicated by other social networks and especially messaging platforms, as a quick response which, with a touch, allows you to offer a reaction to a message.

Thanks to these responses in the form of reactions, the rosary of monosyllabic responses (“yes”, “no”, “fine”, “okay”, “OK”…) that sometimes follow a message in a chat, are also avoided. causing a cascade of notifications. Something that sometimes causes the original message to get lost in limbo, or even among so many mechanized responses, a message of some importance sneaks in that ends up going unnoticed.

Although having a reduced catalog of emojis as a quick reaction already represents progress, Telegram has gone further and, as announced on its own Twitter account, the possibility of freely use any of the emojis available in the application catalog. This repository continues to expand as the Unicode Consortium continues to add new emojis (more than thirty in the second half of 2022) that are promptly adapted to its design guidelines for each platform.

The user will be able to access a drop-down menu (through an icon with an arrow that appears to the right of the initial list of emojis) where dozens of available emojis will appear so that you can use the one you prefer.

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But there is more, especially for subscribers of the platform’s payment method, Telegram Premiumwhich can add up to three different emojis in response to the same message, in addition to being able to use custom emojis.