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twitter data breach personal information of over a million french individuals compromised

Twitter Data Breach: Personal Information of Over a Million French Individuals Compromised


Twitter, one of the world’s most prominent social media platforms, is grappling with a massive data breach that could have ...

our 2023 comparison of the best free antivirus software

Our 2023 Comparison of the Best Free Antivirus Software


A few years ago, security programs were primarily focused on protecting computers against viruses. However, with the rapid advancement of ...


Implementing Privileged Access Management (PAM) to Mitigate Internal Cybersecurity Threats


Managing privileged access to IT systems is a delicate task. Owners of such accounts enjoy expanded rights; if control over ...

vulnerability bug bounty returns to prozorro operations

Vulnerability Bug Bounty Returns to Prozorro Operations


On August 16, Prozorro’s official website announced the reinstatement of the Bug Bounty program, the first such step since its ...

top 10 mind blowing ai applications you need to see

The Future is Here: Top 10 Mind-Blowing AI Applications You Need to See


In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative technology with the potential to revolutionize various aspects of ...

top 10 cybersecurity threats and how to protect yourself in 2023

Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats and How to Protect Yourself in 2023


n today’s digital world, cybersecurity has become a major concern for individuals and organizations alike. With the rise of cybercrime ...

top 10 research areas in computer science in 2023

Top 10 Research Areas in Computer Science in 2023


Computer science is a rapidly evolving field that encompasses a wide range of disciplines and research areas. With advancements in ...

Five cybercrime practices that can grow with artificial intelligence

Five cybercrime practices that can grow with artificial intelligence

Brian Adam

The artificial intelligence It is the central theme of technology today, its benefits have already been demonstrated, but there are ...

chinese cybergangs the most attacked vulnerabilities.jpg

Chinese Cybergangs: The Most-Attacked Vulnerabilities

Brian Adam

US cyber security agencies provide a list of the top vulnerabilities currently being attacked by Chinese cyber gangs.   In ...

attackers could foist manipulated updates on cisco admins.png

Attackers could foist manipulated updates on Cisco admins

Brian Adam

Important security updates have been released for Cisco Expressway Series and TelePresence Video Communication Server, among others.   Attackers could ...

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