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NASA develops a ChatGPT interface to communicate with astronauts

Brian Adam

NASA is taking leaps and bounds into science fiction by developing its own ChatGPT-style interface, which would allow astronauts to ...

spain does not always win: this european operator launches 10

Spain does not always win: this European operator launches 10 gig fiber throughout the country

Brian Adam

In Spain we are one of the countries in which the 10Gbps networks They are not strange to us, thanks ...

google chat.jpg

The new function of Google Chat improves communication in the work team

Brian Adam

Google Chat has a number of features that make it easy for work teams to communicate without relying on third-party ...

outdoor cinema in summer: the best outdoor projectors

Outdoor cinema in summer: The best outdoor projectors

Brian Adam

Using a projector outdoors is an excellent idea for summer movie sessions with friends in the garden or on the ...

tiktok now.jpg

TikTok discontinues its BeReal clone: ​​TikTok Now

Brian Adam

The popular video platform TikTok has announced the discontinuation of its BeReal clone, known as TikTok Now. The news has ...

internet deployment for rural spain: better by satellite or fiber?

Internet deployment for rural Spain: better by satellite or fiber?

Brian Adam

In Spain, not everyone has the option of enjoying the best Internet connection, such as fiber optic Maximum speed. They ...

asi puedes compartir la pantalla de tu movil android en una videollamada de whatsapp.jpg

So you can share the screen of your Android mobile in a WhatsApp video call

Brian Adam

WhatsApp, the world’s most widely used instant messaging application, continues to innovate and add new features to improve our communication ...

why don't i see my wifi network and other people's?

Why don’t I see my WiFi network and other people’s?

Brian Adam

Surfing the Internet via WiFi is the option most used by users. And it is not for less, since almost ...

ast espacio.jpg

Space Connection: AST SpaceMobile and the revolution in mobile telecommunications

Brian Adam

the texan company AST SpaceMobile has made an unprecedented achievement: transmitting a 4G LTE signal from space to ordinary smartphones. ...


Dolnai unveils an AI solution that revolutionizes advertising in Google Ads

Brian Adam

In an increasingly competitive digital environment, the Spanish startup dolnai has released a new tool based on artificial intelligence (AI) ...

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