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xiaomi commences production of its inaugural electric vehicle

Xiaomi Commences Production of Its Inaugural Electric Vehicle (EV)


Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, known for its innovative range of consumer electronics and smartphones, has ventured into the automotive industry ...

dash cam comparison test nextbase takes the lead over garmin in top 10 car accessories

Dash Cam Comparison Test: Nextbase Takes the Lead Over Garmin in Top 10 Car Accessories


A dash cam can be useful as evidence in clarifying who is at fault after an accident. We show the ...

porsche takes the lead in developing and offering new features for apple carplay

Porsche takes the lead in developing and offering new features for Apple CarPlay


Today, Porsche provides owners with a simplified driving experience through the My Porsche app, now integrated into Apple CarPlay. Porsche ...

the interior of the new mini skillfully combines high technology with retro charm

The interior of the new MINI skillfully combines high technology with retro charm


It is easy to remember the past with tenderness and nostalgia. You can put on “rose-colored glasses” and go back ...

zoom video conferencing tool will soon be integrated into tesla vehicles

Zoom video conferencing tool will soon be integrated into Tesla vehicles


As it became known, Zoom is expanding its feature set by adding a calendar and email. But that’s not all ...

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Threat or not? Elon Musk gets new hearing on tweet about Tesla workers’ stock amid UAW union effort


A federal appeals court will reconsider its March ruling that Tesla CEO Elon Musk unlawfully threatened employees with a loss ...

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Tesla’s Second Quarter Sales and Deliveries Rise as Tax Credits Fuel Demand


Tesla sales rose a better-than-expected 10 percent in the second quarter as the company led by Elon Musk benefited from ...

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Tesla’s charger won. What EV buyers need to know about NACS


The electric vehicle space is changing, and quick. While only a few months ago the majority of EV makers used ...


Tesla Revenue Growth by Year, Stream Breakdown


Tesla brought in $81.5 billion in revenue last year, putting it in 50th place on the Fortune 500. The vast ...

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Electrify America is the next big charging network to adopt Tesla’s “standard” EV plug


Electrify America is adding support for Tesla’s NACS electric vehicle charging plug, which the company has dubbed the North American ...

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