Technology and robotics: Potential allies in the fight against deforestation in the Amazon

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In an era where the deforestation has become a crucial issue, a technological alliance emerges as a promise to face this serious problem in the Amazon. ABB Robotics, a leader in the robotics industry, has teamed up with the non-profit organization Junglekeepers in an ambitious pilot project to reverse deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

A promising alliance

The collaboration between ABB Robotics and Junglekeepers Its mission is to protect more than 22,000 hectares of Amazon rainforest and combat deforestation. The pilot plan proposes an innovative solution: the implementation of robotics and technology in the cloud to streamline and enhance reforestation efforts.

YuMi: A robotic ally

The robotic protagonist of this mission is YuMi, a cobot (collaborative robot) from ABB. Located in a laboratory in the Amazon jungle, this cobot automatically sows seeds, tasks that normally require manual effort, and can cover an area the size of two football fields each day.

YuMi’s operation is simple but crucial for reforestation tasks. The cobot performs several steps in the seeding process. First, dig a hole in the ground. Then, deposit a seed in the hole. After this, he compacts the soil over the seed and finally marks it with a color-coded label. This allows Junglekeepers to know where new seeds have been planted and makes it easier to track reforestation.

Cloud technology to the rescue

YuMi’s programming is carried out thanks to the RobotStudio Cloud technology from ABB. ABB experts thousands of kilometers away in Sweden can simulate, refine and implement the programming required for YuMi’s tasks in the jungle in real time, turning it into an autonomous robot that operates remotely.

A significant impact in the fight against deforestation

This technological innovation allows Junglekeepers volunteers to focus on higher-impact tasks, such as patrolling the area and educating locals about the importance of conserving the rainforest.

On the other hand, with the YuMi cobot handling the planting tasks, the need to find willing people to work in a remote location in the jungle is reduced. Once installed, YuMi can perform its tasks autonomously, except for specific interventions when required.

A sustainable future with robotics

This pilot project represents an important contribution by ABB Robotics to the sustainable transformation through intelligent robotics and automation solutions. The result of this effort will be used to explore future opportunities to more effectively protect and conserve the Amazon rainforest.

There is no doubt that robotics and cloud technology offer amazing potential to meet the environmental challenges of our age. By exploring and applying these solutions, we are taking a significant step towards a sustainable future, where technology and nature can coexist in harmony, benefiting each other.

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