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TCL announces new smart TVs with mini-LED ULTRA and QLED 4K screens up to 98 inches

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TCL has already become the second largest smart TV manufacturer in the world and is announcing new models today with QLED technology and high brightness. Let’s start with the Q line, which brings three new televisions: the Q6, the Q7 and the QM8, the latter being the most powerful with mini-LED Ultra.


Starting with the TCL Q6, this model will be available in 55-, 65-, 75- and 85-inch versions with high brightness, Motion Rate 240 technology with frame creation for greater fluidity and MEMC support to maintain clarity in complex scenes.

This model even has Auto Game Mode (ALLM) with AMD FreeSync, Game Accelerator 120 with support for variable refresh rate (VRR) up to 120Hz.

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It even supports images with Dolby Vision technology, HDR10+, HDR10 and HLG, as well as DTS Virtual:X sound with 3D audio only with the TV speakers.

Prices for this model are as follows:

  • 55″ TCL Q6: $499.99
  • 65″ TCL Q6: US$699.99 (~R$3,453)
  • 75″ TCL Q6: US$899.99 (~R$4440)
  • 85″ TCL Q6: US$1599.99 (~R$7,894)

The TCL Q7 arrives in the same size options as the Q6, but with an improved display that achieves up to 1,000 nits with over 200 individual dimming zones for superior contrast. The native refresh rate is 120Hz with MEMC technology, Motion Rate 480, Game Accelerator 240 with VRR, Auto Game Mode (ALLM) and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro.


The Q7 also has TCL’s new AIPQ Engine Gen3 processor that integrates Deep Learning AI that optimizes color, contrast and clarity to make images even more impressive even in 4K media with HDR, which allowed this model to receive IMAX Enhanced certification.

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In addition to support for Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, HDR10, HLG and DTS Virtual:X formats, the TCL Q7 also features a remote control with backlit keys, four HDMI inputs and support for hands-free voice commands via Google Assistant.

  • 55″ TCL Q7: US$749.99 (~R$3,696)
  • 65″ TCL Q7: US$999.99 (~R$ 4,929)
  • 75″ TCL Q7: $ 1,399.99 (~R$ 6,901)
  • 85″ TCL Q7: US$ 2,199.99 (~R$ 10,845)

Finally we come to the most powerful model announced today: The TCL QM8. It contains a mini-LED ULTRA screen with more than 2,300 dimming zones managed by the powerful TCL AIPQ Engine Gen3 processor that can raise the backlight up to 2,000 nits with very high precision and all the imaging technologies cited in previous models.

TCL QM8 mini LED ULTRA. Image: TCL

In the sound sector, the TCL QM8 features an integrated subwoofer to further increase sound immersion in content with DTS Virtual:X, taking the experience to another level.

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This model still has WiFi 6, an adjustable stand, and is available in the following sizes and prices, but the 98-inch model won’t arrive until the end of 2023.

  • 65″ TCL QM8: US$1,699.99 (~R$8,379)
  • 75″ TCL QM8: $ 2,299.99 (~R$ 11,337)
  • 85″ TCL QM8: US$2,799.99 (~R$13,801)
  • 98″ TCL QM8: $9,999.99
TCL Class S S3 and S4

In the more affordable sector are the new TCL Class S smart TVs with more modest specifications such as the Class S3 with Full HD resolution, support for images in HDR10 and HLG, and can be used as a monitor with Bluetooth audio support.

TCL Class S S3. Image: TCL

The TCL Class S4, on the other hand, brings some more features such as 4K image, Dolby Vision support, DTS Virtual:X sound, Motion Rate 240, MEMC technology and Automatic Game Mode (ALLM). This model has three HDMI inputs and Bluetooth connectivity for greater privacy.

Unfortunately, TCL has not announced prices for the Class S3, but the Class S4 will be sold in versions ranging from 43″ to 85 inches with prices starting at US$ 279.99 or about R$ 1,381 in direct conversion. There is still no forecast none of the models arrive in Europe.

Finally, TCL also announced that it will launch a streaming service integrated into its S and Q series televisions in the winter:

TCL will also team up with select content partners to provide its own online streaming service to TCL TV and mobile users in North America this summer.

At the moment there is still no official name for the service, but we believe that it can follow the mold of the TCL Channel, which is already available for all TVs of the brand.

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