TCC call for a greater connection to Nature for Dodder Valley Play Spaces

Tallaght Community Council (TCC) made a comprehensive submission to the Part 8 on a Dodder Valley play space trail from Old Bawn to Knocklyon in the Dodder Valley linear park.

TCC have been vocal champions of this linear park and it’s natural potential for decades – seeking investment and a masterplan for decades. 

They welcome investment in park amenities and are pushing for an overall master plan for the park and more resources in the park to further the park’s potential. This park should be of Green Flag status such is its importance in the region.  The linear park is the spine of Tallaght – running from Glenasmole to Balrothery. 

Among the 23 points, TCC made in their submission were the type of play to inform the design, respecting the natural and historical context of the proposed play space, sensitive lighting, more bins, adequate resourcing on-going maintenance and use of natural materials.
TCC has also proposed the trail be amended slightly to run alongside the river by the stunning protected bridge and waterfall at Old Bawn – requiring a move from the upper pathway to the lower pathway – a move of 10 to 15 meters closer to the river.

By SDCC listening to the community view and responding by agreeing to this route tweak 15 meters south to the existing lower riverside pathway, it opens up a real opportunity to connect users with nature sensitively. Children need to connect with nature in order to build up awareness and nurture respect for nature.
The lower pathway opens up a viewing and audio sensory experience for all and also creates a forest walk section at this end of the park.

The Dodder is becoming invisible in the linear park – which is ironic. 
Sensitive viewing locations will help increase the value of the river and help combat the fly-tipping currently shrouded by the blind spots. Several local councilors have already confirmed they support this proposal – including Liam Sinclair, Alan Edge, and Teresa Costello. TCC hopes the community views are taken on board and directly shape the final plan at the vote on Monday the 9th of September.
The community needs to see and feel their views matter in Part 8 consultations – and that they are not just a paper exercise.