TC Teaches: How to share Netflix by adding an extra subscriber

TC Teaches: How to share Netflix by adding an extra subscriber
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When it started its activities, Netflix encouraged its subscribers to share access to their accounts – regardless of geographic location. Now, the service indicates that only the inhabitants of the same residence can share access, being necessary to add an extra subscriber to include someone from outside.

Today, continuing our list of tips and tutorials, you can see below how to carry out this process, sharing your Netflix by adding extra subscribers.

How to share your Netflix account

If you share your Netflix account with people who don’t live with you, it will be need to pay an extra amount so that those people can continue to enjoy some of the benefits of your account.

Called an extra subscriber, the feature can only be subscribed to by Standard or Premium plan users and the invited person must activate their access in the same country where the account was created.

The extra subscriber will be able to use his own account, with a private login and password, and the subscription will be paid by the person who invited him. In the case of users with profiles linked to an existing account, it is possible to export all data from the profile in question to then become an extra subscriber.

Without further ado, check out how to add an extra subscriber to your account:

  • In your browser, go to the Netflix website to buy an extra member (;
  • If necessary, login with your username and password;
    • The logged-in account must be from the Standard or Premium plans.
  • Click in “Next”.
  • On the new screen, check the billing information. If you agree, click on “Start extra subscriber”;
  • On the following screens you will be presented with your plan billing information;
    • If you already have a card registered for subscription renewal, the added profile value will be charged along with your invoice.
  • The invitation with the link to activate the service can be sent by the account holder to another person via email, message or directly on the TV.

After payment confirmation, the platform will be authorized to charge the amount of your current plan plus BRL 12.90 for each extra subscriber included. According to Netflix itself, Standard users can add up to 1 extra subscriber and Premium users can add up to 2 extra subscribers.

Basically, the extra subscribers will be able to enjoy almost all the benefits of the main account. So, if the main account has the Premium plan, for example, the extra subscriber will also be able to watch titles in 4K HDR+ quality.

However, unlike the account holder, the extra subscriber will only be able to watch on one device at a time, download content on only one mobile phone or tablet at a time, and will not be able to create additional profiles – including children’s profiles.

It is not possible to add an extra subscriber to Netflix-included packages or third-party billed accounts.


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