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TC Teaches: How to make iPhone and iPad flash on when receiving notifications

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If you’ve been following us for a while, then you’ve probably noticed that in addition to keeping you informed, we’re always trying to add more knowledge to your daily life, with tips and tutorials so you can get the most out of your devices and apps.

Today, continuing this routine, we present another tip; this time, for iPhone and iPad users! Learn how to make the devices flash on whenever new notifications arrive.

How to make iPhone and iPad flash on when receiving notifications

Although it was created aiming at accessibility for people who don’t usually hear sound alerts, the feature of turning on the camera’s flash when receiving notifications can also be very useful in several situations; especially those where you still want to be aware of your notifications without having to look at the screen, but the environment requires silence.

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Of course, for the feature to work on your iDevice, the device needs to have an LED flash to flash. For smartphones, this has been a reality since the iPhone 4; for iPads, the feature is limited to just a few models.

Checked the presence of flash on your device, check the following instructions.

  • With the device in hand, access the “Settings“;
  • Now tap on “Accessibility“;
  • On the new screen, tap “Audio-visual“;
  • Under “Visual”, enable the option switch “Flashing LED for Alerts”.

There, you learned how to activate the feature! From now on, your iPhone or iPad will flash the camera flash whenever the device is locked and a new notification arrives. To make the device also blink when it is in silent mode, also enable the switch of the option “Blink on mute” – released on activation of the first option.

It is worth remembering, from now on, that depending on the volume of notifications, the constant flashing of the flash can directly impact the battery life of the device.

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