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TC Teaches: How to Disable Spotify Autostart When Turning on Computer

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If you’ve been following us for a while, then you probably already know that in addition to keeping you informed, we’re always trying to add more knowledge to your daily life, with tips and tutorials so you can get the most out of your devices and apps.

Today, continuing this routine, we present one more tip; this time, for spotify users! Learn how to disable the streaming service from starting automatically whenever you turn on your computer.

Disable Spotify autostart

Turning on your computer and having some of your everyday programs open automatically can be quite useful, can’t it? Yes, but not always! And the same goes for Spotify – even if you’re in the habit of listening to their music and podcasts daily.

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This is because the automatic opening of these programs can end up making the entire system startup process a little slower, especially over time, delaying your day or some task that needs to be done urgently.

To disable Spotify’s auto-start, check the instruction sequence below. The procedure is quite simple and is the same on both Windows and macOS.

  • First, open the downloaded Spotify app on your computer;
  • Now, click on your profile picture located at the top of the application window and select the option of “settings”.
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  • In the new window, slide the settings menu to the “Window startup and behavior“;
  • In “Open Spotify when entering the computer”, select the option “No”.

There, you learned how to disable Spotify autostart on your computer! As you may have seen when fiddling with the settings menu highlighted above, in addition to enabling or disabling the launch option, you can also choose to keep it happening, but with the application opening minimized, in the background. To activate this option, select the item “minimized”.

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