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TC Teach: how to use the iPhone as a magnifying glass

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If you’ve been following us for a while, then you’ve probably noticed that in addition to keeping you informed, we’re always trying to add more knowledge to your everyday life, with tips and tutorials so you can get the most out of your devices and apps.

Today, continuing this routine, we present another tip; this time, for iPhone users! Learn below how to use your iDevice as a magnifying glass and make it easier to see text and small objects around you.

How to Use Your iPhone as a Magnifier

You’ve probably been faced with the task of having to read some text with very small print or having to deal with tiny objects. And if you have a vision problem and were without your glasses, this whole experience must have been even more frustrating.

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To help (also) in situations like these, the iPhone has a very interesting accessibility feature: the possibility of using the device’s rear camera as a kind of magnifying glass.

In use, the resource allows the user to apply color filters, activate the flashlight to illuminate the text or object viewed, perform contrast adjustments on the image and, obviously, enlarge or reduce the object or letter on the screen.

Check below how to activate and use the feature.

  • With your device in hand, open the “Magnifying glass🇧🇷 If you can’t find it quickly on your home screen, use the system search.
    • To search for an app, slide any of the screens with its apps down and perform the search.

If you want to add the feature as a shortcut, see the instructions below. With it activated, the magnifying glass will open whenever you press the iPhone’s side or Touch ID button 3 times.

  • open theSettings🇧🇷
  • In the settings menu, tap “Accessibility🇧🇷
  • Now, tap on “Accessibility Shortcut🇧🇷
  • Select the “Magnifying glass🇧🇷
  • Press the corresponding button three times to activate the feature.

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Now that you’ve learned where the magnifying glass is and how to add it as a shortcut on your iPhone, check out some usage details in the following points:

  • Adjust the zoom by dragging the slider left or right;
  • Swipe up and down to view more controls;
  • tap on (1) to switch between the front and rear cameras;
  • tap on (two) to adjust the brightness of the preview;
  • tap on (3) to adjust the display contrast;
  • Touch me (4) to add color filters;
  • tap on (5) to activate the flashlight.
  • To freeze the image, tap (6)🇧🇷 When finished, tap the “x” icon;
  • To freeze more than one image, tap (7)reposition the camera and tap “+”;
  • Tap the settings icon to return the app’s settings to default, register new activities, and make some more adjustments.

You’ve learned how to use the iPhone’s magnifying glass function! Now, just take advantage of the resource to visualize the objects and texts around you.

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