TC Teach: how to export your files from Google Drive

TC Teach: how to export your files from Google Drive

If you’ve been following us for a while, then you’ve probably noticed that in addition to keeping you informed, we’re always trying to add more knowledge to your everyday life, with tips and tutorials so you can get the most out of your devices and apps.

Today, continuing this routine, we present another tip; this time, for Google Drive users! Learn below how to export all your files and folders saved in the search giant’s cloud service.

How to Export Your Files from Google Drive

Without a doubt, Google Drive is one of the most reliable cloud storage services on the market; But unfortunately, accidents happen!

Addressing a possible failure, replicating your files to another service or having a local copy of your files on an external hard drive can be a great option to make sure you don’t lose anything. And thanks to a tool from Google itself, all of this can be done quite simply!

Through Google Takeout – which we already talked about here in another tutorial – it is possible to download all your data saved in the storage service. Check out the instructions below:

  • Access the service page by clicking here. If necessary, log in with your Google account;
  • Now, unless you want to export all your data associated with your Google account, click on “uncheck all🇧🇷

  • Browse the list and select the checkbox for Google Drive;
    • Click in “Various formats” to choose the format that each file will be exported;
    • Click in “All Drive data included” if you want to specify some data that should not be exported;
    • Click in “Advanced Settings” to include file versions and more information about folders in the backup.

  • When you are finished making adjustments, scroll the page to the bottom and click the “Next step🇧🇷

  • In the new stage, inDestiny”, choose how you want to receive the file.
    • By default, a download link will be sent to your Google account’s Gmail, but you can also choose to send it directly to another cloud service.
  • In “Frequency”, opt for the regularity that the downloads will be made.
    • To download everything at once, choose the option “export once🇧🇷 If you choose scheduled export, a new file will be created with the selected data every two months for a year. The first file, with an overview, will be created immediately.
  • In “File type and size”, choose the format and the maximum size that the file will have.
    • Takeout will split your full backup into several files of the size you indicate; something useful for those who have an unstable connection and would not be able to download more than 10 GB, for example, without having a disconnection.

  • With everything ready, click on the “create export🇧🇷

That’s it, you’ve learned how to download your data saved in Google Drive! It is worth mentioning that the download performed does not erase the downloaded information, functioning only as a copy of what is stored on the company’s servers, serving as a true backup.

In addition, the downloaded data reflects your historical information up to the moment of the download request, not including anything performed subsequently (even if there is a delay between the moment of the request and the availability of the link).

Depending on the amount of data exported, it may take a few hours for you to receive the final export files. Google Takeouts can be used as many times as you want, but the generated file will only be available for download for a maximum of 7 days, and can be downloaded up to 5 times. Anyway, if your file expires, just ask for a new one to be generated.

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