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TC Teach: How to add description to files and folders in Google Drive

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If you’ve been following us for a while, then you’ve probably noticed that in addition to keeping you informed, we’re always trying to add more knowledge to your everyday life, with tips and tutorials so you can get the most out of your devices and apps.

Today, continuing this routine, we present another tip; this time for Google Drive users! Learn below how to add a description to your files and folders on the search giant’s cloud storage service.

How to Add Description to Files and Folders in Google Drive

Maybe you’re wondering about the benefits of adding a description to a file or folder; after all, they already have a name – usually self-descriptive.

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But the fact is that depending on how you upload and store your files in Google’s cloud, you can have many files with very similar names, as is not uncommon for photos and screenshots. Something that can make it difficult to identify and eventually search.

By adding the description, you can search the service looking for terms added in that explanation. With this, it may be easier to find a specific image, as we mentioned earlier, or find a video without necessarily having to watch it in its entirety (again).

Check out how to use the feature below.

  • With Google Drive open, find the file you’d like to add a description to;
  • With the file or folder selected, click the “i” located in the top menu.

  • With the tab of “Details” open, drag the menu down to the “Description🇧🇷
  • Write the desired description;
    • The file/folder description can contain up to 25k characters!
  • Close the file information window. The description will be automatically saved.
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You’ve learned how to add a description to a folder or file in Google Drive! Now the described item can be searched much easier. Using the service’s built-in search, in addition to the file name itself, you can search for words or phrases added to the description.

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