Taylor Swift’s songs return to TikTok

taylor swift's songs return to tiktok
taylor swift's songs return to tiktok

TikTok has once again added Taylor Swift ‘s music to its song catalog. However, they have still not reached a new agreement with the record label Universal Music Group (UMG).

TikTok deleted a large part of its music library in January, after the licensing agreement with UMG expired. This record label represents several popular artists on the international scene, such as Ariana Grande, Bad Bunny, Feid or Taylor Swift . To the surprise of many, the latter’s songs have become available again on the Chinese platform.

The singer’s music may possibly be back on TikTok for the promotion of her album. The return of the American, who stole Bad Bunny’s position as the most listened to artist on Spotify in 2023, coincides with its upcoming release. According to Taylor Swift, “The Tortured Poets Department” will be available starting April 19 on all digital platforms.

Taylor Swift’s songs on TikTok

The reason why the composer’s music has returned to the short video app and the rest of the UMG artists have not returned is not entirely clear. However, the most widespread hypothesis is that Taylor Swift has reached an agreement on her behalf, since she is the owner of her ‘masters’ .

Many singers have had to make do with fan-uploaded audio clips sped up up to 2x to promote their music on TikTok. For example, Olivia Rodrigo uploaded a video to the platform with an edited clip so that she did not violate copyright .

Taylor Swift does not have the need to do so thanks to the fact that she re-recorded her songs so that they belonged to her . For her, it is enough to sign an agreement on her behalf to promote her new album.

Thanks to the release of “The Tortured Poets Departament”  all the music he released from 2019 onwards is available on TikTok:

  • “Lover”
  • “Folklore”
  • “Evermore”
  • «Midnights»
  • «Red Taylors Version»
  • «Fearless Taylors Version»
  • «Speak Now Taylors Version»
  • «1989 Taylors Version»

Why don’t Universal and TikTok sign a new agreement?

The contract that TikTok had with UMG so that its users could dance to their favorite songs and, in the process, promote them and make them viral ended in January 2024. Since then, they have had to settle for edited music, covers and generic audios without Copyright .

Faced with complaints from Internet users, both companies blamed the other and did not reach any new agreement.

As Universal detailed, the application was not willing to pay what they asked for the rights to their artists’ songs. In addition, they accused TikTok of “sponsoring the replacement of artists” with content generated by artificial intelligence.


TikTok responded to UMG’s claims in a press release . In it, the company was disappointed that Universal had ” put its own greed before the interests of its artists and composers.” He also guaranteed that they could reach agreements with other labels.

Despite the fact that the Chinese platform hid behind the interests of singers and songwriters, several artists have complained about the limited profits obtained by TikTok . While it is true that the social network is a good way to make yourself known through viralization, it barely pays in musical royalties.

While users are still waiting for TikTok and Universal to make peace, Taylor Swift fans can finally put her original songs back in their videos. And, best of all, very soon you will also be able to enjoy her new songs.


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