Talk to your idol or any famous person without leaving WhatsApp? This AI makes it possible!

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talk to your idol or any famous person without leaving.jpg

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There are more and more formats in which we can take advantage of the benefits and possibilities that Artificial Intelligence offers us. Although virtual assistants on WhatsApp have been with us for a long time, the reality is that it was not until the arrival of AI that we have managed to fully exploit all of their potential. One of the latest proposals comes from Hey Cami, we tell you everything we can do with it.


For many years, the presence of chatbots on websites or even on WhatsApp has become common for many companies. Being one of the most effective ways on which your customer service channels rely. However, with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence and its growing popularity, the number of possibilities that this type of technology offers us has grown to limits that were previously unattainable.

One of the latest proposals comes from HeyCami. A new assistant in chatbot format that is available for both WhatsApp and Line. And that, like its main competitors, allows us to interact with it as if it were a conversation with any other contact. Offering us the option of learning languages ​​with her, asking her to create a new logo for our business, transcribing WhatsApp audios for when we don’t have the opportunity to listen to them or, what is even more surprising, acquiring the personality of any celebrity. . We tell you.

The best Artificial Intelligence models

One of the secrets that explain how well Cami works when interacting with her are the Artificial Intelligence models on which it is supported. And this assistant is powered by ChatGPT 4, ChatGPT 3.5, Whisper or Stable Diffusion. A series of engines that explain how Cami can design a professional logo to write a cover letter for a new job we want to apply for. All of this at high speed, with hardly any waiting time between one request or another.


To start using it, we only have to go to their website and click on the button Chat on WhatsApp. Next, we will have to give the appropriate permissions for our desktop version of WhatsApp to open. And, from then on, we will only have to start executing the different commands that allow us to request anything that comes to mind.

Much more than an assistant

Although Cami would enter the virtual assistant category, The reality is that the large number of actions it allows us to perform means that we are dealing with much more than a standard assistant.

We can, for example, ask you to design a new logo for our business. To do this, it is enough to type the /imagine command followed by the description that we want to provide of the logo in question. In our case, for example, we have told you to draw us a proposal for our logo. By being more specific, we can obtain much more concise results adapted to our needs.

However, if there is a function for which this assistant draws special attention, it is because of the possibility it offers us to adopt the personality of any famous person, allowing us to interact with them as if they were just another contact on our WhatsApp. For example, we do the test with Pau Gasol. As we can see, all of his answers are consistent and he gives us information about players with whom he has faced on several occasions and who, in addition, have shown respect for him in public.

To activate the personality of any celebrity, we must execute the command /personality. Next, we will receive a message like the one shown on our screen and we can start interact with it whenever we want. In the case of wanting to change to any other famous person, we will have to type the previously mentioned command again and their personality will adapt to the real personality of the person in question.



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