Take-Two Says Cloud Gaming Won’t Have a Big Impact on the Video Game Industry

Take-Two Says Cloud Gaming Won't Have a Big Impact on the Video Game Industry
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It’s not new that Take-Two Interactive, the owner of Rockstar Games and other publishers, criticizes the efforts of Microsoft and other companies to create subscription gaming services, but in a new interview, Strauss Zelnick, CEO of the company, spoke about new technologies and how he doesn’t believe they will have a big impact on video game development.

As reported by IGN, Zelnick has spoken to investors about artificial intelligence and technologies like ChatGPT, not believing they will impact game development costs.

The belief among fellow students is that ChatGPT now allows you to create a form and answer your homework. The problem is that if the question is ‘Describe what really happened on the night of Paul Revere’s trip’ and everyone has the same question, what happens in a classroom, and everyone uses ChatGPT, oops, everyone will submit the same response.

Zelnick says ChatGPT is like the handheld calculator, which is now commonplace, but when he was a kid it became an incredible help. Despite this, many parents feared that children would no longer have the need to learn mathematics, something that did not happen because it is still necessary to learn mathematics to use the tool that helps so much.

According to him, we are in an era of “exciting new tools” that will allow teams to create things with great efficiency, but this will only encourage greater creativity, it will not automatically create a GTA rival that surpasses it.

As for cloud gaming, the executive says he has never felt that this technology has the capacity to radically change the industry. According to him, whoever is willing to pay 60 euros for a game already knows that he will have to buy a console and this was well and exemplified by Stadia. Bringing high-quality games to those without a console will be a big challenge.

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Interestingly, Microsoft recently announced the end of the production of games on physical media in Europe, something that was certainly stimulated by factors such as the increase in the consumption of games on physical media, as well as the high volume of subscribers to services such as Game Pass , which in addition to including a wide catalog of downloadable games, also features cloud streaming, allowing subscribers to access the catalog of games on TVs that support the service, old generation consoles, cell phones or PCs.

Do you think cloud gaming is the future of the video game industry?