Take care, Tesla! US survey reveals public is most interested in Apple cars

 Take care, Tesla!  US survey reveals public is most interested in Apple cars
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As much as Apple is still far from the launch of an electric car, the vehicle already attracts more public attention than the options offered by Tesla. The curiosity was revealed by a survey conducted in the United States.

According to the survey released by Strategic Vision, the Apple is the third most remembered brand when people are asked about their intention to buy a new car.

Apple is the 3rd highest brand consideration, with 26% of customers saying they would ‘definitely consider’ an Apple-branded vehicle in the future. The company is second only to Toyota (38%) and Honda (32%), with Ford (21%) and Tesla (20%) completing the podium.

Commenting on the matter, the president of Strategic Vision, Alexander Edwards, draws attention to an important detail:

What should be concerning for other brands is that Apple generates a greater amount of Love than any other automotive company, twice as strong as Honda, Toyota and Tesla. What’s interesting about this survey is that over 50% of Tesla owners would “definitely consider” buying a future Apple Car.


The executive also highlighted that Apple often draws public attention for its strong reputation among the public, even more so when considering that the company dominates the smartphone market in the US.

Of course when Apple finally presents its car in terms of styling, powertrain, product and other key features, it will finally determine the level of interest generated among new car buyers. However, their brand recognition and reputation provides a formidable platform for automotive manufacturers to prepare for.

Despite the survey showing that other automakers need to prepare for the launch of an Apple car, the Cupertino manufacturer is still far from entering this market.

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That’s because the Titan project faces a number of difficulties. In any case, Apple continues to make several hires and attract veteran executives in the automotive market.