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Take advantage of the Android mobile you have in the drawer: turn it into a Chromecast

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You can get a lot of use out of an old Android mobile: it can be a baby monitor, a TV remote, a photo frame and also can be converted into a homemade Chromecastif you meet certain conditions.

We tell you how you can convert an old mobile into a Chromecast and what you need to do it. Chromecasts are quite cheap, yes, but this trick can serve as a temporary solution or as a workaround at a specific time.

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what are you going to need

First of all, how are you going to turn the mobile into a Chromecast? At the end of the day, they are two devices that resemble each other between little and nothing. The most important thing is that you are going to need Can be connected to TV with an HDMI cable. For this you will need a USB-C to HDMI OTG cable.

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Of course, before launching to buy said cable, keep in mind that not all mobiles support HDMI output. You need the mobile to support MHL, a standard that a few years ago seemed like it was going to take over the world and today is quite gone. You will find it mainly in high-end mobiles, although it will be difficult for you to make sure of it without trying it with the cable on duty.

There are apps for check if your mobile supports the MHL standard. They are not entirely reliable, but they can help you get an idea. Unfortunately the list of supported MHL devices is very outdated and this data is rarely mentioned in the mobile specification sheet. In case of doubt, you will always have to search on Google if your mobile model supports MHL.

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MHL Tester | HDMI

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If your mobile supports MHL, then you will need the cable. You need a cable that is USB-C to HDMI (or Micro USB to HDMI, if your mobile has a connector of this type). These types of cables are relatively cheap, and you can find some simple ones for around 13 euros on Amazon.

Finally you are missing the software part. For this you should install the Cast Receiver app on the mobile that you are going to use as Chromecast. You can try the application for free with its trial version that limits sessions to a maximum of 5 minutes, but if you want to use it without limitations you will need to buy the premium version: it costs 4.59 euros.


  • Developer: soft media
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools

In summary, this is what you need to turn an old mobile you have at home into a homemade Chromecast. Bearing in mind that a new Chromecast costs about 40 euros and you save fuss, it is more a matter of doing it for the love of science than to save a lot of money with the matter, although it will be cheaper if, for example, you already have the cable at home .

  • A mobile with Android 4.1 or higher
  • That the mobile supports the MHL standard
  • A USB (USB-C or Micro USB) to HDMI cable
  • Install the Cast Receiver app on the mobile

First, connect it to the TV


If you have everything ready, the easiest part is connect the mobile to the TV with the cable. You connect the USB-C or MicroUSB end to your mobile and the end with HDMI in an HDMI input on the TV. Then set the TV to display that HDMI input.

If all went well and your mobile supports video output, then you will see the mobile on TV. Depending on your phone, it may look exactly the same or some special version with some kind of “desktop mode” may be projected.

Then turn it into a Chromecast

The next step is very simple, install the Cast Receiver application on the mobile. The application is very simple because you don’t need to do anything except open it. If you go into its options you can choose the name of your “Chromecast”. If you do nothing, the model name is used.


From that moment on, your secondary mobile will behave like a Chromecast, so that you can connect to it from any other device and send you content. As it is connected to the TV with the cable, what you send will also be visible on TV.

Keep in mind that it will not work for you with protected content that has DRM, but otherwise it should work as a home Chromecast to go around the house to turn your “dumb” TV into a smart one.

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