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Take a screenshot on Apple Watch

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Being able to take a quick screenshot from an iPhone or iPad is really clear about the process and there is enough information in this medium where you can find in detail what to do, but here we must mention a relevant device such as the Apple Watch. Find out how you can take a screenshot with that device below.

Although it should be mentioned that to take the screenshot from the smart watch, you must have an option active from settings on your iPhone.

  • First of all you will have to access the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Click on General.
  • Now slide the screen to the Enable Screenshots option and tap on the slider switch to enable the feature.

Once the option is correctly activated, everything will be ready to take screenshots on the Apple Watch.

Take a screenshot with your Apple Watch

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Having to take a screenshot from your smart watch has absolutely nothing to do with your type of model, since the steps will be the same on all Apple Watch devices.

  • To one of the sides of your smartwatch you will have to place two of your fingers at the same time, then press the Digital Crown and the Side Button. As a reminder, it is not strictly necessary to keep it pressed, since a simple touch will be enough to be able to take the screenshot.
Remember that for the captures it is enough to press the digital crown and the side button

The screenshot that you take from your Apple Watch will automatically be in the photo album of your linked iPhone to do what you want with them.

How to view screenshots taken in this way

Once you have taken some screenshots from the Apple Watch you can view them. Although this will only be possible if the clock is linked to your iPhone in the first place. There are albums that already appear by default on your Apple Watch, they will only be “favorites” and “Memories”. However, you will be able to change the synced album in order to view it.

  • Access the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Then scroll down the screen until you find Photos.
  • Correctly verify that photo sync is active with your devices.
  • You will have to click on Sync album and then select the album you want to see on your device.
view the photo album on your Apple Watch

You will be able to make sure of the photos that are synchronized, because by means of a choice you will know how many photos are on your watch with a limit. This restriction of photos can be in a range of 25 photos up to 500, so they are a large number so you don’t miss anything.

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