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NASA turns a Hubble image into music with an incredible result

NASA has transformed an image of the Hubble Space Telescope into music. The snapshot used by the American space agency for this project was...

The Iloveyou virus turns 20: it affected 45 million computers in 24 hours

On 4 May 2020 the "Iloveyou" malware, attached in a love letter sent by email which, if opened, infected the computers and lost access...
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Kershaw turns 32 years old almost the same as Dodgers without winning the World Series 😲

Clayton Kershaw turns 32 years old almost the same years that the Los Angeles Dodgers have without winning the Major League Baseball (MLB) World...

Hyundai and Kia put over $110M into UK electric delivery vehicles startup Arrival

Forget the consumer market for electric vehicles. It turns out delivery vehicles could be the ‘Trojan horse’ for electric to really take off.
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